From: Chuck Einhorn <> Subject: Re: [PW!][NC] Revelation Lugia Date: Thursday, August 12, 1999 3:20 PM > > > >>> "This must be Viridian Forest," said Rigel. "If we hurry, can we > >>still > >>>beat Articuno there?" Draco shook his head. > >>> "It's most likely we're too late." > >>> A convertible sped through the woods, barely missing the group of > >>>eight. > >>>It finally crashed in to a tree. > >>> "Damn! I missed the Clefairy," frowned Steve. He, Karen, Raven, > >>>Gohan, > >>>and Nori stepped out of the car. > >>> "Hey! Watch where you're going!" scolded Rigel. "You shouldn't be > >>>driving that fast in the woods like that!" > >> > >> Dan grabbed Clefairy. "There'd better not be anymore people driving cars > >>through here..." he muttered. > >> "We'd better hurry," Dan said, shaking a Caterpie off of his arm. <He's > >>right," Clefairy said. <We may be too late, but we should at least see > >what's > >>going on. We might not be too late after all.> > > > > Sirius turned to the group of five. "Could we use your car?" he asked. > > > > "I doubt we can fit twelve people and a Clefairy in to this," said > >Nori. > >"Since we were in here first, just let _us_ get there." > > > > "No way! Articuno's attacking Viridian as we speak!" exclaimed Neo. > > > > "Well, it looks like you don't have much of a choice," replied Steve. > >He > >and the other four re-entered the convertible. They continued driving > >through > >the forest, dodging trees and smashing the occasional Pikachu. > > > > "Ugh..." groaned Dern. "We'll have to get there on foot. Unless... > >does > >anyone here have a Pokémon we could use for transportation?" > > > > "I do," said Draco. He sent out Porygon. "Porygon, use... huh?" > >Porygon was glaring at him and the others. It tackled Dernam and started to > >attack. > > > > "Get... this... thing... off of me!" exclaimed Dernam as he struggled > >with Porygon. Puzzled, Draco returned Porygon. > > > > "It usually obeys me..." he said. > > " about Clefairy uses Metronome until Teleport is used?" Dan said. > "No, that would take too long," Sirius said. > "Ok, that was a dumb idea anyway," Dan said. "How about we use my Pidgeot?" > Dan let Pidgeot out of his Pokeball. > Pidgeot stood in front of Dan, facing to the side. Then it looked at Dan > and squawked. "Uh oh..." Dan said. > Pidgeot flew into the air and dived. "Yahh!" Dan said, throwing himself to > the ground. Pidgeot then turned around and started to fly out of the forest. > "I wonder if he's going to.......Oh no you don't!" Dan pointed a Pokeball > at Pidgeot. The capture beam caught Pidgeot and pulled him back into the > Pokeball. > "What's going on?" Dan said. "What's wrong with our Pokemon?" > <I don't like this,> Clefairy said. Dernam picked himself up and recalled Scyther and Gyarados. "No way I'm lettin' the girls go crazy till we figure out what's going on." "Girls?" Dern said. "Yes, Syther and Gyarados are female. Now, more importantly, something is messing with our Pokémon's heads. I'm not sure we can trust them. Any ideas?" Dan looked at Clefairy. "Clefairy, you know what it is?" Clefairy answered <I'm gonna...> and leaped at him. Neo batted it away and held it down. "Ooh, bad, bad, bad, bad......." Dan said out loud to himself. Dernam sighed. "Well, I guess we're going to have to travel by foot, then. And keep a hand on that Clefairy. I don't want it to get loose and Metronome a Fire Blast on us." "Agreed." said Sirius. Dan slapped Clefairy. "Get a hold on yourself!" <Thanks, I....I feel better....>. Sirius pointed south. "Come on, lets get going, we aren't accomplishing anything here." TBC But mooooom! I don't wanna be a cowboy! --My brother Jake Ethan Einhorn