From: Its Dun Dun Dun Raven <aznfrenzy@aol.comingtoyou> Subject: Re: [PW!][NC] Revelation Lugia Date: Friday, August 13, 1999 10:53 PM > "Hmmm...." Dernam said to himself. He saw several people gathering >around >Sirius. Seems he'd found some people to go along. Dernam hadn't found >anyone. Oh >well, no time to complain. The general concensus was that Articuno was going >to >Viridian. He had to get a move on. > > While the rest would go on the Aerodactyl, he could take Scyther. He >figured >even an Aerodactyl carrying 5 people would still outfly Scyther in the long >run. >He called out Scyther. Scyther hovered above his head. He reached up and >grabbed >her legs. She lifted them up. She beat her wings hard, and they flew up >into the >air. He directed himself toward the group gathered around Sirius. He called >down. > > "I'm going ahead, but I think you'll catch up. See you in Saffron. Be >careful." > > They all wave. He tugged Scythers leg, and she directed herself >southwest, >following the cold air that Articuno had left behind. She angled her fronf >claws >to get maximum lift, and they flew off towards Saffron. > >TBC As Raven looked at the carnage and confusion of this really confusing NC thread with 42 posts that is hard not to skim he wondered what would happen next. "Heh where the hell were you?" Raven asked. "I was stuck with these guys for 4 days." Ever heard of vacation? I was in Yosemite, Las Vegas, and Grand Canyon. "I don't care where u went. YOU have to leave me HERE with all these PEOPLE. Theres that psychomaniac driving the car killing every pokemon as far as you can see. Then theres this Dragonballz character that has a Star Wars author. Not to mention the psycopath driver's girlfriend and another girl whose been blocking my vision with her hair!" Then we went to Motel 6 and had brunch "Can you imagine 4 maniacs and me in the same car? What the hell were u thinking." Then we went to have a 8.99 buffet in this kickass hotel. "That Psychomaniac driver is also the worst driver in the world. I was hurled out of the car every 4 seconds." After we got back into the tour bus to look at the pretty scenery I fell asleep. "Are you LISTENING TO ME???" Raven screamed No "Ok" Anyway...... "Shut up." Ok "So what are you going to do about this mess u made ?" By putting a TBC after after this line "WAit hold it....." TBC.... Im alive!!!! _____ The Critics love ATR TakoTanku: *chants* ATR! ATR! SimynLocke: ATR rules! LimynSocke(Yoda): ATR rocks KrnTwnkyYu:ATR rocks! NMVdS: ATR rules all quotes are real