From: The Sage of the Odd. <neomenasor@aol.communist> Subject: Re: [PW!][NC] Revelation Lugia Date: Monday, August 09, 1999 4:18 PM >OOC: Er... I know this is sort of crappy, but you can withstand it. > >The Legend of the Orange Islands... > > "Never catch a god of fire, a god of thunder, or a god of ice. If you do, it >will evoke their anger and the marine god would destroy Heaven and Earth. The >world would fall to ruins." > > This legend attracted the greedy Pokémon collector named Jirarudan. He came >to the Orange Islands in a fortress in the sky, seeking the legendary marine >god. By using his fortress, he captures Zapdos and Moltres, but Articuno is >able to free them. Seeking vengeance, they ruthlessly attack his fortress >and >call upon Lugia to destroy humankind. > Meanwhile, Ash and Pikachu are killed in a horrific car accident. > > > Sirius awoke with a start, hearing several shrill screams. Trying to find >out >what was going on, he ran to the window. Outside, there was a huge swarm of >bird Pokémon sweeping through the city, breaking windows and attacking the >people who were outside. > "Moltres...?" The fiery bird was leading the swarm through the city while >engulfing whole buildings in its Fire Spin attack. It was heading towards >Sirius's apartment building. > Sirius quickly recovered from the shock and took his Pokéballs from under >his >bed. He got out through the fire escape and looked for some kind of shelter. > >The swarm was only a few moments away. He finally found a bench and dove >under >it. He closed his eyes and braced himself. > "AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" Sirius held on to the bench, struggling to not be >blown away by what he guessed was a mass Whirlwind attack. He felt an >intense >heat, and then a long silence. After gathering all his courage, he slid out >from under the bench and saw the building reduced to a pile of burning >rubble. >He looked at the sky just in time to see Moltres and the swarms of birds >disappear on the horizon. He checked to make sure he hadn't lost any of his >Pokéballs, and looked for survivors. > Most of the people Sirius saw were in little more than shock. Remembering >Sabrina, he ran towards the Gym. While most of the buildings he had past >were >in ruins, the Gym and Fighting Dojo remarkably remained untouched. Sabrina >emerged from the door, with a group of Psychics and Channelers behind her and >her Haunter levitating next to her. > "How did you..." began Sirius. Sabrina's face looked blank. > "We used our psychic power and Pokémon to ward off Moltres and the other >birds." > "Why did it attack us!?" > "I couldn't see why. All I know was Moltres was looking for revenge." >Sabrina frowned. "We need to find the survivors. Are you going to help us?" > >Sirius was about to nod, but he remembered where he saw Moltres as it left. > "Moltres is heading for Celadon City. I should warn them." > Sabrina nodded and started psychically putting out small fires. > "Aerodactyl, go!" Sirius got on Aerodactyl, and they headed for Celadon >City. > >TBC... >Anyone can jump in now. Neo was already awake in Celadon city. He and Rigel were staring at the swarm of flying Pokemon destroying the city. Orion was no where to be found. Neo sent his Pokemon out, "Go Eevee! Ryouma, Hayate, Gouki, Hikaru, Saya!" all of his Pokemon attacked. Ryouma threw fireballs into the air, Hayate went up and fought with his claws. Gouki and Kiaru fire Water and Lightning at the sky while Saya tried to figure out what the hell was going on. Rigel sent out her Pokemon, "Go Pikachu, Magnetmite, and Staryu!" the attack went on. But Neo and Rigel needed help. TBC Neo J. Menasor The Neo-Stunticons The Covenent of Primus, IT'S A COOKBOOK! ----- This was brought to you by the next Senator of New York, Hillary Clinton! "Vote for Hillary, she loves New York ." And by Larry King, he looks like an owl