From: Sirius <sirius259@aol.comeleon> Subject: Re: [PW!][NC] Revelation Lugia Date: Monday, August 09, 1999 8:59 PM > > > Awakening from a long slumber, Derrick found he was in a basement >of >the Celadon Pokemon Center. "Thank goodness," Nurse Joy said. "You were in >the >middle of the fire, but somehow, survived. > "What happened?" Derrick's voice was different, like he had a sore >throat. > "Five surgeries is what happened! We had to stitch up your face." >Derrick looked in the mirrror and saw the gruesome, thick stitches. > "Something wrong with my eye." > "We had to remove you right eye." Derrick closed his eyes and felt >pity for himself. > "Where are all my pokemon?" > "Dead." > "what???" Derrick's face stung as a droplet of sorrow slid down his >cheek. > "One DID surive, it's in room 409." Derrick climbed out of bed to >see >the pokemon. > "No, you musn't. You haven't healed fully." Derrick shoved Joy out >of >the way and his arm ached afterwards. His whole body felt cramped as he >looked >for the room. When he got there, he found his favorite, Paras, lying in the >bed. > "Paras.." Derrick whispered hoarsly. Paras's eyes opened slowly. He >smiled, then his eyes lowered again. The beeping noise started getting rapid >and a doctor rushed in. He tried desperately to revive Paras, but stopped >when >the beeping halted. Derrick waited for the next beep in the damned machine, >but >it never arrived to it's destination. > "I'm sorry son," the doctor patted him on the back and left. > "Derrick just stood there still waiting for Paras to wake up. He >stood and stood. His legs ached, and his body itched, but he didn't move. Sirius arrived in Celadon City to find that he was hours too late. The city was in ruin and chaos. He spotted Dern and Neo in the middle of the park and landed. "Neo! Dern!" shouted Sirius. "When did it happen!?" Neo tried to begin but couldn't. Sirius noticed his face was covered in scratches and bruises. "Over three hours ago..." said Dern. "I... I tried to fight them, but I couldn't," said Neo, finally. Only me and one other guy tried it." He pointed to Dernam, a few meters away. "Erika and her assistants are okay," assured Dern. "Where's Derrick?" asked Sirius. "He's in the hospital. Hurt pretty bad," replied Dern. "Every one of his Pokémon died in the fire." Without saying anything else, Sirius ran for the scorched but intact hospital. TBC... It's my job to fix continuity around here... Sirius Simpsons quote of the day: "We're here to investigate a UFO sighting." "Ugh! I didn't see any UFO!" "That's right, ma'am. You _didn't_."