From: Sirius <sirius259@aol.comeleon> Subject: [PW!][NC] Revelation Lugia: The Summoning of Lugia Date: Thursday, August 19, 1999 11:42 AM Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres stood in a wide circle around a small pool of water. They peacefully bowed their heads towards the center and became still. The water began to splash and shake, and the cave started to rumble. <Here it comes...> spoke Clefairy. "What, Clefairy!? What's going on!?" shouted Dan. The sound of the quake grew louder. "Let's get out of here!" shouted Raven, trying to be heard above the clamor. He, Draco, and Dern started to leave, but turned back at the last moment to witness the spectacle. The Legendary Birds, serenely perched in a circle around the pool, had not moved until then. They opened their eyes and flew up into the night air, blasting a hole into the roof of the cave and flying through it, quickly disappearing in the sky. The tremors grew stronger and stronger. "Ahhhhhh!" cried Nori, trying to stay on her feet. "We have to do something!" With that, she tossed a Pokéball at Articuno. It harmlessly bounced off its crest. "GyAAAAAAAAAH!" it screamed. "That didn't help much, Nori," grumbled Steve. The pool's water was shaking extremely violently now. "Let's go! Come on!" Raven ran back towards the cave exit. "Isn't anyone else coming?" Gohan looked at the group, but all were focused on the water. He hesitated, then followed Raven. Neo and Dern had had enough and ran after him. Cracks started to form in the walls, and rocks were falling from the cave ceiling. <Dan! This whole place's going to crumble! We have to get out of the cave!> warned Clefairy. Dan nodded and the two sprinted for the exit. Rigel and Orion tapped on Sirius's shoulder. "I think it's time we be going, Sirius!" shouted Rigel. "Hold on... something's going to..." Sirius turned around to see his two siblings already bolting towards the exit. Sirius still waited for something to come out of the water, but it became increasingly hard to keep his balance. Dernam, Karen, Steve, Nori, and Draco scrambled out of the cavern. Sirius turned back to the lake, and dashed after the others. Raven and Gohan were almost to the cave exit when they ran into a newly formed wall of ice. "I... I don't recognize this before!" shouted Raven. The two of them rammed their fists into the ice, but to no avail. The tremors were now unbearable, and a crack formed in the ice. Gohan picked up a rock and slammed it into the ice. It shattered instantly. Raven and Gohan ran the rest of the way out of the cave without incident. Dern and Neo, trying to keep up with Raven and Gohan, ended up taking a wrong turn. It led to a dead end. Rocks were beginning to block their way back. "What should we do!?" yelled Dern. "It's too late to run back! We need to get through the top!" "The top!?" "The roof, ceiling, whatever! Aerodactyl, go!" Neo's Aerodactyl was released. "You have an Aerodactyl!? And don't you give your Pokémon Japanese names!?" "I don't know if I have an Aerodactyl and I don't remember the names, alright!" Neo glared at the incompetent author. "Hang on!" Neo and Dern got on Aerodactyl. It crashed through the ceiling, or roof, or top, or whatever of the cave and the two escaped. Orion and Rigel were underground, led by Orion's Dugtrio. They soon escaped. Clefairy bounced (the way Clefairy run) through the cave, followed by Dan. Suddenly, a pile of rocks fell down, blocking the path. "Oh man..." Dan leaned against a wall in frustration. The wall suddenly crumbled, causing Dan of fall. "Ugh..." <That's our way out!> shouted Clefairy. The two went through the hole to escape. Steve, Karen, Nori, Draco, Dernam, and Sirius were all going down the same path, roughly close together. The walls were caving in behind them, faster and faster. "We're not going to make it!" shouted Sirius to the rest of the group. No one heard. "Gyarados, go! Keep the walls together." "GRRAAAAAR!" Gyarados slithered back and curved it's snake-like body in a way that the walls would not collapse. After getting a good head start, Sirius returned it to its Pokéball. The group barely made it out in time. The entire cave shook, shivered, and collapsed moments after. The Legendary Birds could still be made out in the darkness. Something huge and white rose out of the rubble. "What's... that?" wondered Nori. The bird-like giant gave an ear-piercing scream, and flew into the air. It was fifty times larger than the other Legendary Birds. Not noticing the large group of people, the enormous creature flew off towards the mainland, screaming and roaring the whole way. TBC... Sirius Quote of the day: "I dunno. I've heard things about beef."