From: James Giblin <> Subject: [PW!]Rumble in the Rocks Date: Wednesday, August 18, 1999 3:27 PM "You kid's are gonna get it!" said Tiff. "Yeah." added Todd. "Pikachu... GO!" said Jack. "Okay then Eevee, GO!" said Mary. The recently caught Eevee came out of the Pokeball. "Voltorb go." said Todd "Pikachu go!" yelled Tiff. "Wait we forgot our new motto." said Todd. "Oh yeah. To protect the world from brat's like you." "To unite all members within our nation." "To denounce the evil's of love and truce." "To extend our feet to the Pokemon below." "Tiffany" "Todd" "Team Rocket blast off at the speed of sound" "Surrender now or be pounded" said team rocket switching every line. "That stunk." said Jack. "Yeah. It did" added Mary "Never insult Team Rocket, brat" said Tiff. "Let's just get this on. Voltorb thunder wave the Pikachu." ordered Todd "Pikachu Quick attack." said Tiff. The Pikachu turned blue for a second and then zipped in front of Eevee and hit it. Then the Voltorb Sent out two bolts of electricity and paralyzed Jacks Pikachu "PIKACHU NOOOOO! Pikachu return. Your gonna have to do this your self." said Jack. "Fine Eevee Tackle the Voltorb into Pikachu... NOW!" intructed Mary. The Eevee did the Pikachu went flying from the impact but the Voltorb stayed. "Okay Voltorb Self-destruct NOW!" The Voltorb seemed to count down and then went "BOOM!" The badly injured Eevee didn't faint but was about to. The Voltorb was gone and the Pikachu was too and strangely enough so was Team Rocket. In the Background Mary and Jack heard "Looks like team rocket's blasting off Again." Just Then a lot of the rocks moved. "What was that?" A scared Mary asked. Then there was a loud yell "GRRROOONNNIIIXXX!" "Bulbasaur Go" said a very scared Jack. He had heard that noise before but didn't remember where it was. Then Mary said "It's an Oon- ix" said Mary "It was sleeping I guess Voltorbs blast Woke it up." explained Mary "Well this one is mine. Bulbasaur Vine whip... NOW!" The onix (who is weak against grass) almost fainted and Jack could see that it was very hurt. "Oh poor onix. I'll help. Pokeball Go." The onix was caught. He let the onix out and Sprayed a potion on it. "There that's better." Then Mary and Jack walked out of the Mountain And into Cerulean.