From: Resona Korelano/M.W.F. <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Scyther Surprise, and Viridian Rescue! Date: Wednesday, August 25, 1999 1:05 PM > >Meanwhile, in some bushes, a pair looked on the group. > > > >"Hmm.. A white Persian! The boss would love that!" > >"Looks like she has sharp claws. I'd be cautious." > >"Well, there's a Clefairy too. They're rare." > >"Even rarer are ones that carry weapons AND talk. Risky." > >"True. The Raichu is a bigger threat though. I mean, whatever weapon > >that is looks bad, but his electric attacks would be worse. > >"Then thre's the Dragonite. A prime specimen too. And he likes to > >sleep alot. One moment of weakness and he's ours." > >"That Dragonite looks familiar though." > >"Bah, most pokemon look the same if you ask me. Besides, with our > >Hypno, Muk, Victreebel, and Vileplume combined, they wontt stand a > >chance." > >"Time to make up for lost time, Alice." > >"You said it Alysia. Team Rocket will have a new specimen by days end." > > "Meeh..." Blizzard purred, heedless, "What's the point of these Gym Battles? > All they do, is prove how strong the Pokémon are, and that has very little to > do with their trainers." > "Bah..." White Blade responded, "Everyone knows that trained Pokémon are more > powerful than wild ones. Perhaps one of these days, you'll do yourself a favor, > and allow a human to train you, as well." > "Not likely." Blizzard tossed her head. "I'm as strong as I'll ever be. I can > beat up those so-called "trained" Pokémon, with my claws sheathed." > "Want to prove that last statement?" > > "Purr?" Blizzard stopped short. > > White Blade was grinning coyly. "Prove to me, that you can defeat a trained > Pokémon. Come with me, to the Pewter City Gym, and we'll both face off against > Brock. If you win, I'll eat my hat." > "You don't have a hat." > "Well, when we get to Mount. Moon, I'll help you get your Jigglypuff." > > Blizzard's eyes narrowed. "And I suppose that if I lose, you'll want to train > me." > "Well, it probably wouldn't hurt," White Blade admitted, "but obviously, I'm > not going to force you. Besides, I've got my own Pokémon to worry about," he > added, gesturing to the dozing Dragonite, "Keep in mind, however, that most > wild Pokémon never grow past level 50. Under a trainer's guidance, they can > reach as high as level 100." > > The Persian chuckled. "While some Pokémon are so weak, as to benefit from a > trainer's hand, I can assure you, that I am not one of them. Purr... I'll fight > against this Gym Leader of yours... I'll fight him, and win!" They followed Samuraichu to the gym and stepped inside. Looking over the battleground, White Blade could see nothing had changed. Samuraichuwas getting ready to battle Brock. "Raichu! Rai chu chu!!" Brock looked at him and said... "Huh? Did someone lose a Raichu?" White Blade stepped forward and translated. "He said he wants to challenge you for a badge! And after that, this Persian and I want to fight the strongest pokemon you have." Brock marrowed his eyes (is that possible?) at this new opponent. "Alright then! 2 on 2 battle!" TBC by Samuraichu!