From: Pipian <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Scyther Surprise, and Viridian Rescue! Date: Thursday, August 12, 1999 6:19 PM > "Wow," Orion sighed, "good thing that Scyther was there to cushion our fall. > Let's get out of here!" > > And so they did. > > TBC... "Where are we going to stay tonight?" asked Orion. "A Pokemon center?" "No, I always get caught or tormented by someone there. I *AM* a wild Persian you know, and a very uniquely colored one, as you can tell." "Well, I can sleep out easily. Luckily, I still have my pokemon. Giovanni just purposely put them all asleep, so I can't battle." "I don't like captured pokemon. They always seem so much like mindless slaves." "Mine aren't. I know, because they've told me." "Ah." "I'll go to the Pokemon Center to get my pokemon healed with Keri." "OK. I'll meet you outside of the city limits in ten minutes." Pipian walked to the Pokemon Center with Keri to get their pokemon healed. They then walked out to meet Blizzard. "Bui! We got our pokemon healed." said Keri. "We should stay here tonight. I'll help you get a Jigglypuff soon. I promise. There are tons of them up near Mt. Moon, and that's only a few days walk from here," said Orion. "Purr... You'd better. I saved you from that Giovanni guy." Orion got his sleeping bag ready. "How'd you guys get into the grips of Team Rocket anyway?" asked Blizzard. "Well, I originally joined up with this Team called TAC, short for The Anti-Mewtwo Crew, with my friend Pipian. We battle Mewtwo, but not in the pokemon way. We sort of do a battle in a cat and dog way. Mewtwo bugs us... He captures and trys to torture one of us... That person escapes and tries to fight him again... Anyway, we found Keri here in Celedon, where she lived for about 14 years, after becoming a scientist's apprentice. She somehow got turned into an Eevee by some accident. I have some special powers, one of them being the ability to understand pokespeak. I have no idea what the others are. That's why Team Rocket wanted me. Keri here learned that she was to become either a Team Rocket Member or be kept in the jail. She also learned that her parents were very wealthy and Team Rocket killed them not only for the money but for information on some scientific research they funded, more specifically work on the Transpokefier Gun, the Master Ball, and the Silph Scope. Her father was either a Vice President or President of Silph Co," said Orion "About TAC?" asked Blizzard. "Yes?" "Did you have any reason to chase Mewtwo?" "No. Neither of us do. We've sort of lost interest in it because there is nothing that has directly affected either of us. We really want to leave TAC for these reasons. Can we travel with you? You don't seem to have any major aims other than to eat a Jigglypuff." Pipian