From: Bandraptor <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Scyther Surprise, and Viridian Rescue! Date: Wednesday, August 18, 1999 1:59 AM "So anyway," Blizzard was saying, "there I was, at Ronnie's Bachelorette, and who should come in, but ARTICUNO, drunk off his ass... and I'm like, 'Hey, Arty! Can't you see, you're drunk off your ass?!' and he's like... 'I'm not *hic* drunk, I'm jus' a social drinkah.' so I'm all, 'Arty, you're drunk! Gimmee your keys!' and he said, 'I'll givya th' keys t' my apartment, hoochie mama...' and that's when I slapped him upside the head." The Persian was cheerfully recounting her days as a resident of the Seafoam Caves. Naturally, Orion's first question had been whether she knew the legendary Articuno; and when she replied that they were close friends, he'd been longing to hear her story. Now, he was just bored. And they had a long way to go, before they reached Mount Moon. "Bui..." Keri began, hopping on Orion's head, "The Viridian Forest sure is dark. Do you think there are wild pokémon in here?" "I know there are," Orion replied, "but nothing to worry about, really. Maybe some Caterpie, and a few Kakuna, or something." "Bui, who's worried? I was hoping to catch something..." "Hey, there's something," Orion responded, absently, "take a look." Ahead of them was a Clefairy... and a Dragonite... and a HUGE Raichu. "Think we should warn Blizzard?" Keri asked. The Persian was a short distance ahead of them, and apparently not paying much attention to the road. Orion shook his head. "Too late." >Finally, the trio had found a safe path out. Viridian City was in the >distance, but four (Blizzard, Orion, Pipian and Keri, right?) figures >stood on the road > >[What the hell?] >[That's one big Persian.] > >And in the same manner in which he met all of his friends, Samuraichu >brandished his halberd, psyched up a Swords Dance and walked forwards >for a duel. The Persian seemed like a worthy foe. > >Draconi clenched his talons, and stepped forwards, ready to protect >the four oncoming figures. It was of the Dragon elements, it could >easily take a Raichu of the same level. But White Blade pushed the >flat of his blade across Draconi's round belly. > >"Let him. It's how he makes friends." "Persian?" Blizzard cocked her head, curious. "You seem quite large, for a Raichu. I think I shan't bother eating you today, as my stomach is already half filled. However, if you were to come back tomorrow..." "Rai!" Samuraichu shot back, "today would be best." "Bah." Blizzard chuckled, unsheathing her claws, "very well. A little game of cat and mouse, then. But you'd better not try anything funny, or I'll--" "Rai!" the Raichu called, bringing his blade down, in front of her head. He had no intention of hurting the Persian, he simply wished for her to shut up, so they could begin their duel. The Persian took the bait, surprised, she leapt back a foot, and fell to the ground baring teeth. Samuraichu struck at her again, but this time, Blizzard ran under the sword, and whipped around, intending to bite his arm. No good. Samuraichu was too fast, and easily avoided her attack. "Sian," Blizzard muttered. The Raichu had a definite advantage-- his sword. On the other hand, Blizzard herself had a size advantage. If she could pin him, the match would be hers. "Rai!" Samuraichu swung his blade around, once again. In a flash of inspiration, Blizzard grabbed hold of the handle in her jaws, nearly crunching Samuraichu's paws, in the process. She let the momentum of the sword carry her, then put all her weight into the ground, and slid. Samuraichu, refusing to let go of the blade through all of this, toppled over on his back. "Rai raichuu..." he complained, as Draconi chuckled softly. Blizzard simply lay on the ground, right where she had landed. She was tired, bruised, and worst of all, her beautiful fur was caked with dirt. A few feet away, the Raichu was getting to its feet, and Blizzard didn't know if he was going to attack her again. TBC... -Beth "Ii kanji!"