From: Pipian <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Scyther Surprise, and Viridian Rescue! Date: Wednesday, August 18, 1999 4:46 PM Resona Korelano/M.W.F. <> wrote in message > > Blizzard simply lay on the ground, right where she had landed. She was tired, > > bruised, and worst of all, her beautiful fur was caked with dirt. A few feet > > away, the Raichu was getting to its feet, and Blizzard didn't know if he was > > going to attack her again. > > "Whoa whoa whoa!! Samuraichu, I think she's had enough." White Blade, > the Clefairy, walked up and put a hand on his friends shoulder. > "Remember, you do have a distinct advantage, and that's weapons > training." > > "Raichu! Rai chu chu!!" [Comeon! This is fun!] > > "For you yeah, but of the others?" White Blade looked at the others, > who stood there shocked (mentally ^^) "And look! You got her coat > dirty. Give her a chance to clean herself off." > > Samuraichu looked a bit unhappy. "Aw cheer up. Besides, I don't want > either of you getting hurt. A Persian's claws, if they're so inclined > to, can scratch metal. Imagine what they do to Pokeguts." > > The group of humans just looked on strangely. White Blade looked at > them with a deadly SKS (Super Kawaii Smile) and said, "Hi there! Name's > White Blade! This is Samuraichu and the Dragonite behind me is > Draconi. Who are you guys?" "Eevee, Ee, bui. <I'm Keri.>" said Keri. "And I'm Orion..." said Orion. "I happen to have a gift to understand poketalk, so If you don't want to talk in English, that's fine with me..." "Persian, Purr. Sian, Purr, Purr. <I'm Blizzard. What are you guys doing here?>" asked Blizzard. Pipian