From: Pipian <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Scyther Surprise, and Viridian Rescue! Date: Friday, August 20, 1999 3:14 PM Resona Korelano/M.W.F. <> wrote in message > > > Blizzard simply lay on the ground, right where she had landed. > > She was tired, > > > > bruised, and worst of all, her beautiful fur was caked with dirt. A few > > feet > > > > away, the Raichu was getting to its feet, and Blizzard didn't know if he > > was > > > > going to attack her again. > > > > > > "Whoa whoa whoa!! Samuraichu, I think she's had enough." White Blade, > > > the Clefairy, walked up and put a hand on his friends shoulder. > > > "Remember, you do have a distinct advantage, and that's weapons > > > training." > > > > > > "Raichu! Rai chu chu!!" [Comeon! This is fun!] > > > > > > "For you yeah, but of the others?" White Blade looked at the others, > > > who stood there shocked (mentally ^^) "And look! You got her coat > > > dirty. Give her a chance to clean herself off." > > > > > > Samuraichu looked a bit unhappy. "Aw cheer up. Besides, I don't want > > > either of you getting hurt. A Persian's claws, if they're so inclined > > > to, can scratch metal. Imagine what they do to Pokeguts." > > > > > > The group of humans just looked on strangely. White Blade looked at > > > them with a deadly SKS (Super Kawaii Smile) and said, "Hi there! Name's > > > White Blade! This is Samuraichu and the Dragonite behind me is > > > Draconi. Who are you guys?" > > > > "Eevee, Ee, bui. <I'm Keri.>" said Keri. > > > > "And I'm Orion..." said Orion. "I happen to have a gift to understand > > poketalk, so If you don't want to talk in English, that's fine with me..." > > "Well, I'm still learning Pokespeak myself so you'll have to settle for > English." Orion looked at White Blade strangely. "It's a long story, > one I don't feel like telling. Maybe later." > > > "Persian, Purr. Sian, Purr, Purr. <I'm Blizzard. What are you guys > > doing here?>" asked Blizzard. > > "We're heading towards Pewter City. Samuraichu here needs a Boulder > Badge if I remember correctly. Myself, I'm on a bit of a journey. > I'm... searching for some people." White Blade seemed to get a distant > look in his eyes for a moment. He then snapped to and said in a hearty > voice, "But until then, I'm going to enjoy life as I can." > > Draconi let out a soft growl. Everyone except White Blade jumped. > "Yeah, Draconi, everything should be fine now." He turned to everyone > else, "He's happy when everyone else is calm and peaceful. That's > because... Uh oh. Draconi! Don't you dare fall asleep!" Too late. > The 10 foot tall Dragonite was already snoring. "Feh, I can wake him up > if need be. Say where are you guys heading?" "We don't really have any goals... All we plan to do is catch a Jigglypuff for Blizzard to eat, so we're planning to go on to Mt. Moon... Not much else..." replied Pipian. "We really ought to get going if we want to get there ASAP... Hey, why don't you join us... We can take you as far as Pewter... Heck, I suppose we could stay with you a bit longer, past that..."