From: Agent 0007 <> Subject: [PW!][TPS] SeaFoam Findings Date: Monday, August 16, 1999 9:51 AM (OOC: Just gonna make a short story now, Ill finish it up later. I have another PW I need to do too...) The boat finally arrived to one of the giant docks of SeaFoam Islands. The group decided they should stay in a hotel and go to the caves the next day. They were about to go to bed when the motel phone rang. "Hello?" answered Koji as he picked up the phone. "Mr. McLayn? This is the SeaFoam Police." "Oh, hold on." Koji handed the phone to Andrew, while the other 3 got close trying to listen in. "Good evening, this is the Chief Wentern of the SeaFoam Police Department in Oceania. We think we found your friend, Zephyr. Although he denies that he is not Zephyr, it looks just like him." Andrew listened on for the directions to 'Zephyr's' house. The 4 forgot about sleeping that night. They rented a car and headed towards Oceania. --- TBC -- Team PokÚStorm->Agent 0007 ICQ:13178347 AIM: Agent O0O7 Creator of AGNP, ABP, & AGNZ