From: Maria Rocket <mobius101@aol.compactpika> Subject: [PW!] The End Date: Monday, August 09, 1999 5:08 AM >>Maria stared at the Wigglytuff. "Fluffy." >> >>"So you do remember me." >> >>"So you really *can* talk..." Maria's eyes widened. >> >>"Only to those who would listen." The Wigglytuff looked sad. "And now >though >>you abandoned me, I would very much like it if you'd listen to me." >> >>Maria just nodded slowly. On her shoulder, Slasher's fur rose and he hissed at the strange pink creature. When Fluffy turned his big blue eyes on the Meowth however, Slasher hid his face against Maria's shoulder. Unlike other Wigglytuff, there was a deepness in Fluffy's eyes that went beyond eerie. Maria was afraid to look at them. It felt like they saw straight into her soul and knew things neither humans or Pokemon could possibly understand. She looked over at James, who was the only one seemingly unaffected by Fluffy's presence, wearing his usual misleading blank Psyduck expression. Maria pulled out a Pokeball and recalled him. "You're afraid of me." Fluffy sighed. "Am I really so awful?" Maria didn't answer. Fluffy's long ears fell along his head. "I see. Well how do you suppose I felt? No one asked me if I wanted to be something else. I had to grow up in the blink of an eye.....and then I was left all alone." "I don't know what to say." "I know. It happened to both of us. And as much as I've wondered why you left me, I know it must have been as traumatic for your young mind as it was for mine. I have since come to terms with what's happened to me, despite my loneliness. But you've become fearful and hateful. I know I can't expect you to apologize. But I do forgive you." "Forgive me?" Maria finally found her courage. "Forgive *me*!? You've been making my life a nightmare! What are you and what do you want from me!?" She cried in a mix of anger and despair. Fluffy was silent a moment. "I wanted to see you. I missed were a good friend once. But that's not why I've been trying to call you here. I can not sway you from the path you have taken. You do as you will, despite the pain you cause others. But I have become aware of the presence of the other. He would like to harm you, but has found no way to effectively harm you in the way he most wishes." Maria did a take. "You're talking about that Mew, aren't you!?" "Yes....that is what humans call them. This will soon discover your weakness." "My weakness?" She sneered. "Oh, yeah, he wants to destroy those close to me. Hah, good luck to him. I hardly know Old Man anymore, and he can *have* Maggie. And he's too melodramatic to go for my Pokemon. He can't touch me..." Fluffy's eyes glowed. "Your weakness lies within you." "....." Maria turned on it angrily. "Why tell me this!? Should I have an abortion? Is that what you're telling me!?" "No. I meant it was a warning. You must be prepared to protect yourself. Now, reach into your pocket." "What am I supposed to be doing?" She asked, fishing around in her jeans pocket. "I've left everything in my trenchco-" She paused as her hand grazed across a cool smooth surface. She pulled out her hand and found a small box the size of a TM in her grasp. The surface was glossy, and looked like it was made from a ruby gem. Maria blinked. "The box I stole from the Saffron Gym? But I left this in my coat, how.." "That is not important. Do you see the small latch on the side?" "Yeah, it won't open. Hmm, I would have sold this off a long time ago, but I forgot all about it." "Not everything is by chance. You were meant to take that box." "Really." She looked at it skeptically. "You know what it is?" Fluffy twitched his long pink ears. "An old forgotten artifact. It has many ancient powers, emitting from its contents. From now on you must carry it with you at all times. Should the Mew find you it will do you no good. But for awhile it should be able to shield you from its all seeing eyes." "Yeah?" Maria gave the box a hard look. "What's inside anyway?" "Nothing meant for mortal eyes." Fluffy's eyes glowed once more. "When the time is right you must give it away." "What!?" Maria jumped back a step. "How can I keep my advantage over Mew if I give it away!?" "You will find a way." Fluffy looked up at the rising moon. "And when the time is right you will give the box away to the one who is meant to open it. You will not be mistaken, for only one will be able to lift the latch. What the opening of the box will bring, I can not say." Maria stared. "This isn't Pandora's Box, is it?" "Perhaps." Maria stared more. "I was only joking." There was just a shimmer in Fluffy's eyes. "You must leave now." Maria watched the sad creature. "Yeah." "What you wish to know," Fluffy met her eyes again, "is a forgotten dream. Though it was no dream." "What does that mean?" Maria frowned. "You will remember soon. Though even memory can be fooled. Your child is not like other not allow evil to corrupt...." He gave a small shudder. Then he looked back up. "Just know...I love you both. Your sister and f-" "Stop it." ".....Why?" Though he already knew the answer to his question. He'd known for a long time. But the honest disbelief remained. A shot rang out, and every insect in the grass went silent. Maria hung the small smoking pistol at her side. He would never bother her ever again. She slowly sunk to her knees and sobbed over the body of the fallen Wigglytuff. *** An hour later, Maria was back in full Team Rocket uniform, silently flying across the sky on Charcoal's back, lying on her stomach. She hadn't told either Maggie or Old Man she'd left. It was better that way, she hadn't wanted to see Maggie again, and she might not have been able to leave if Old Man had found out she was going. Fluffy....she didn't want to think about that, though the image never left her mind for long. "Charcoal, down here." The Rocket pushed herself up on her arms as the Charizard descended on Cerulean City below. Pregnant. It was crazy.....she had to find out who the father was somehow. She wasn't about to buy into any virgin birth garbage. After Charcoal landed, she jumped from his back and landed lightly on her feet. But all in good time. She recalled Charcoal into his Pokeball, then closed her grey trenchcoat. Perched on her shoulder, her Meowth, Slasher, sniffed at the air. Maria reached up and gave him a rub behind the ears. She needed to report in at the Rocket Station, but for the moment, she was hungry. TBC? ~Maria R "Psy yie yie..." ----- Webber: ----- "Taking Pokemon straight from your pockets, With the power of the stars, it's Maria Rocket!" -My corny PW! motto ^.^; --- Rocketshipper Forever! --- TEOTWAWKI