From: James Giblin <> Subject: The Grass and Water of Cerulean City (Part One) Date: Thursday, August 19, 1999 10:29 AM As Mary and Jack came in to cerulean Mary said "I heard that the gym trainer here is a water specialist." "Yeah I've heard that too." said Jack. "Okay Well I'm gonna ask my pokedex what's strong against water...." said Mary <Grass, Electricity.....> cut off the pokedex. "That will be enough. What Kinds of grass Pokemon are here?" asked Mary <There are two. Bellsprout and Oddish.> said the machine. "Good I'll get a Bellsprout. Tell me if you find a belllsprout okay Jake." <Who is Jake?>"That's your new name." <Jake. I like it.> "Good." A few minutes went by and the Pokedex went<Beep ,Beep, Beep> Then Mary looked around. "I don't see any thing. Jigglypuff go." she said to be ready. <It's to your left It's swaying side to side.> Then she saw it "Jake info." <Bellsprout Flower Pokemon. A carnivorous Pokemon That traps and eats bugs. It uses it's root feet to suck up much needed moisture.> "Okay then Jigglypuff sing it to sleep." The Jigglypuff sang a soothing melody that put the plant to sleep. "Good now Body Slam. The Jigglypuff inflated up and Flew into the plant with a loud "PUFF!" "Good pokeball GO!" The pokeball took the plant inside shook once, twice, but then It came out AWAKE. "It must have awoken and I didn't see it." she said to herself. Then The Bellsprout turned white and evolved. "It's a... It's a..." <A Weepinbell. A flycatcher Pokemon. It spits out Poisonpowder to immobilize the enemy then finishes it with a spray of acid.> "Oh. Well Jigglypuff he's weak sing to it." Again the Jigglypuff sang to it. But the Pokemon just spit out some Poisonpowder. "Ah Jigglypuff Quick double slap before it spits acid at you." The Jigglypuff slapped it all over. "Enough. Pokeball go." The pokeball took inside the Pokemon. And then it was caught. "YEAH! WE DID IT JIGGLYPUFF!" Then she looked at Jigglypuff he was injured badly. Then the pokeball that just caught Weepinbell turned red and disappeared. "My Whole life is filled with problems." She decided to rush to the pokecenter first then worry about Weepinbell. "Help Pokemon. Please." She said to the Joy look alike. The nurse knew exactly what had happened to Jigglypuff. "Um Nurse. Do you know where my Weepinbell went? I caught it and then the pokeball turned red and disappeared." asked Mary. "How many Pokemon do you have?" asked the nurse. "7 including Weepinbell. Why?" asked a confused Mary. "Because you can only carry up to six Pokemon at a time." Explained Nurse Joy. "Oh." A few minutes later Jack came back. "Where were you Jack?" asked Mary. "Fishing. Why what happened?" asked Jack. "Jigglypuff was poisened." "Wha?".... TBC