From: James Giblin <> Subject: [PW!] The Hypnotic Waves Date: Tuesday, August 24, 1999 10:08 AM As they walked down the path to Go back to Cerulean City, so they could get to the Rock Tunnel, Jack was about to tell why he didn't use onix. "Well it's really because it fainted on the way to the gym. A small Drowzee came up and put all my Pokemon except Nidorino. So when I went to the Pokecenter I gave them all my Pokemon exept Nidorino. So they said come back in 30 minutes. And that's about now." said Jack. So they both ran to the Pokecenter. "I'm here to get my Pokemon back." said Jack. Then Mary went to the Computer to get her Weepinbell back (She put it in there to get Diglett.) "What do you want to deposit?" she typed in Poliwag. "What do you want to withdraw?" she typed in Weepinbell. "Thank you for coming." said the Computer. "*giggle* Your Welcome." Then she and Jack walked out of the Pokecenter and back into the Tunnel. Right then a Drowzee walked in front of them. "Jake info" <Drowzee Hypnosis Pokemon. Puts enemies to sleep then eats their dreams Occasionally gets sick from eating bad dreams.> "Well your Mine Drowzee. Spearow GO!" the small bird came out. "Okay Spearow wait for Drowzee to attack and then Mirror Move." ordered Mary "Drow-zee, Drow-zee, Drowzee!" said the Drowzee. Mary said "Now!" but then looked at the Spearow. He was Asleep. "Thanks spearow. Return. Jigglypuff GO!" said Mary "Okay Jigglypuff BODY SLAM NOW!" said Mary. The Jigglypuff inflated and then Flew at the Drowzee and hit it. The Drowzee not badly injured started using that attack again. "Fight it off with sing." Then the one who fell asleep first was Drowzee. But Jigglypuff fell asleep right after. "Good. Pokeball GO!" The excited trainer said. the light in the center of the ball came on. Then after a few seconds she heard a tone. "YEAH I CAUGHT DROWZEE!!" Then they walked off through the tunnel and back to cerulean. TBC