From: Tiger1129 <> Subject: [PW!] The only way to travel. Part 1 Date: Thursday, August 12, 1999 7:44 PM "Sandstorm Scratch ok good. Watch out for Drowzee's hypnosis attack." Jason called out to his sandshrew. "Inferno, is he looking weak yet?" He asked his guide growlithe. "Grooowl lithe" Inferno said excitedly. "Ok good. Sandstorm give him one more slash." Jason called getting a pokeball ready. "Saaaaand shrew!" Jason nodded. He quickly handed the pokeball to Inferno, who took it in his mouth and ran over to the Drowzee and dropped it on him. He sat down and waited while it shook around the red light glowing. Once the drowzee had been caught he brought it back to his master. "Good job Sandstorm. return!" He picked up Inferno's leash. "Jason there's an incoming message for you, audio only." Jason's pokedex stated in a monotone voice. Jason sighed. "Libro, for me everything is audio only. Who is it from?" He said pulling the small machine out of his pocket. "Professor Wright." That made Jason's mood better. "Put it through" There was a small beep as it turned on. "Hey dad." "Hi Jason. How's your journey coming?" His father asked. "Great I've got four pokemon already." He said. "And I've got a Thunderbadge too. So why did you call?" He heard his father clear his throat. "You said that your only problem on your journey was Cycling Road, well A coleague of mine may have found an answer for you. Just meet us at the Cerulean bike shop. Bye." Jason shrugged. "Well I've got everything I need from here." He allowed Inferno to lead him to Cerulean. TBC The Saint