From: James Giblin <> Subject: [PW!]The Path to Vermilion (part 1) Date: Friday, August 20, 1999 11:00 AM As Mary and Jack where walking down to Saffron to battle Sabrina.A police officer Stops them. "Excuse young ones but saffron City is closed down." said the police officer. "Well why?" asked Mary "Team Rocket is there and is causing a disturbance." said the officer. "Oh. Well then how do we get to the next city." asked Jack. The Officer pointed to the wooden tunnel over to the left. "You take that tunnel all the way to the end. It'll take you to Vermillion. but be careful there some mean pokemon in there." warned the officer. "Thanks." So then the two trainers When into the tunnel. Every now and then a rattata would hiss at them. Then a Diglett popped up. "A Diglett." <Diglett Mole Pokemon. Lives a yard underground where it feeds on plant roots It sometimes appears above ground.> "Well this is mine." said Jack. "No you already have a ground pokemon. This is Mine!" said Mary. "Rattata GO!!" said Mary "Rat-tat-a" said the rat as it emerged from the pokeball. "Okay Rattata Hyper Fang NOW!!!" The rattata Opened up it's tiny mouth and closed it as hard as it could on the Diglett. "Good Pokeball GO!!" The Digllet who was just about to go underground Turned red and went into the pokeball. It shook 3 times and then was caught. Then the Pokeball turned red and disappeared. "Hey... Oh yeah I remember. Rattata Return." Then they kept on walking through the tunnel. Look I'll finish the rest later my Keyboard getting me mad.