From: Shard Fields or Megasomething <goola2u@aol.compostheap> Subject: [PW!] The Prodigy Date: Tuesday, August 03, 1999 5:09 PM Shard knelt in the darkness of Mt. Moon. The foolish trainers, and the Sandshrew, should be coming this way any minute. The Dratini was a prodigy, one that exceeded by far the others of its species, and as a result were often ostracized by them, but welcomed by humans. Ashís Pikachu was such a creature. Mostly they completely refused to enter a pokeball, but Shard could easily take it without one. "Tii?" asked a cute voice. "Weíre almost there," answered the voice Shard had identified as Tabitha. "The sooner we get there, Tab," said an obnoxious, nasal voice, from the boy known as Jake, "The sooner you can get me the Go-cart you owe me." "Go-cart?!?!? Are you nuts, Jake?" "Interest, Tab. Iím charging interest. Hurry up, or youíll owe me a Limo before weíre out of here." "Youíre creating bad karma," said a third, drifting voice, as the three walked into Shardís sight. Jake was the classic nerd, and the drifting voice was obviously a channelerís apprentice from the way she dressed. Tab, however, was a bit of a tomboy, dressed exactly like Ash Ketchum was at this point of his journey, and of his life. Shard wasted no time in waylaying the trio. "Shush, Faith!" instructed the other two. "Who are you?" they asked in unison. "What do you think this R means?" asked Shard with a snicker. "Youíre the radical Raichu Man?" asked Tab, not all there, causing Shard to sweatdrop and Jake to hit her with his calculator. "Itís Team Rocket!" he shouted in panic. "Well, no need for the motto now," grumbled Shard. "What the hey, Iíll do it anyways!" Brace for trouble! On the double! To select a world of devastation! To slight all peoples of our nation! To trounce the evils of truth and love! To extend our grasp to the stars above! Shard! Who really wishes he had a partner right now so he didn't have to do this all himself! Team Rocket launches in supersonic flight! Surrender now, or lose the fight! You're no match for our might! "What do you want?" asked the younger two in unison, while the "spirit guide" simply said something about negative vibrations. "I want the Dratini. Or perhaps youíd prefer I clobber it first? I think you may not want to mess with me, I have some powerful pokemon." "Team Rocket," said Tab, "Is pathetic. You want a battle, youíre on." Shard dropped a pokeball. A beam of light went into the ground, but aside from that, nothing appeared to come out. The ground, however began to quake. "As if in fear," observed Faith. "Maybe it knows something we donít!" squeaked Jake. Suddenly, a monstrous Dugtrio tore through the ground, barely missing the Dratini. "Dang prodigy! Learned to fly early! Undermine, return! GO PAIN DANCE!" A single kick send the Dratini unawares to the ground. "Pathetic," muttered Shard. "Some prodigy. Not even worth stealing. I leave you with that." And, that said, he recalled Pain Dance and walked back to the shadows, all in silence. TBC? Shard Fields, who needed another Shard story. .sig not included. Shard Fields on AGNP Megasomething on ATT