From: <> Subject: [PW] Tiki goes CWAZY!!!!! Date: Sunday, August 15, 1999 6:37 PM Jamie sat in the street not knowing what to do. She had Tiki's pokemon but no one was here she was afraid and alone, some freaky stuff was happening. Well until she could get a hold of one of her other friends she would have to things on her own. Heck she used to be a member of Team Rocket she could handle this stuff easily. She released Tiki's pokemon in front of her. They came out confused as to where Tiki was... they had been asleep in their pokeballs. After Jamie explained it to them, they looked at each other in pokespeak. Zip looked up at Jamie "Pika pika?" he said. Jamie looked at him, "Uh I dont understand what your saying Zip your not my pokemon.. I know" Jamie released her Magenmite. "Okay Zip say that again." Jamie said. "Pika pika?" Zip asked again. Jamie looked at Magnemite, he simply said to Jamie "<Zip asks what are we going to do now?>" Jamie smiled and then explained that they had to get into contact with someone. The closest TAC member was Pipian so she would head towards Pewter to get in touch with Pipian. <SCENE SWITCH> Tiki... or what was left of him, walked in an ally way of Cerulean, his brain completely empty, his brain had suffered such a shock that Tiki was only living on instinct. Right now he instinct declared hunger. Tiki sought out a restaurant and instead of casually walking in he threw his staff threw the window and psychically returned it. (It would appear that even on instinct he could use his powers). He leapt into the restaurant and started devouring all the food he could find. After a few minutes of this the police arrived, "YOU THERE FREEZE PUT YOUR HANDS ABOVE YOUR HEAD!!!!" One of the yelled. Instead of complying Tiki turned and threw the staff at his hand with the gun, Tiki made him drop his gun. Then Tiki jumped up and kicked the other guard in the forehead knocking him out. He then psychically threw the standing cop, whose gun Tiki just knocked out of his hand, to the ground. He grabbed his staff and held it above the guard ready to kill him. When he heard a yell from behind him "Tiki DONT!!!" He turned to see a lady with a bunch of animals in front of her. A small little yellow thing walked up to Tiki "Pika pi pi chu chu ka!!!!" It said forcefully. Tiki (or the unkown one) didn't know how he understood this creature but it came into his head as "Tiki what are you doing, whats wrong with you?" This sentence brought on a torent of memories and thoughts to Tiki's head. Of his friends and pokemon. Then of Sith killing his family. While this was going on the gurads came to and got out of there. As soon as they escaped Tiki's instincts returned and thought stopped. He looked at Zip and merely jumped back, blew a whole in the ceiling and jumped through. Jamie ran outside and looked for Tiki... she couldn't find him. "Oh well," she thought out loud, "Looks like I better start toward Pewter." She then (and Tiki's pokemon) started out towards Pewter to find Pipian. Not noticing the figurte following her in the trees. TBC? (the figure doesn't have to be me. If for some strange reason someone else wants to interact with our group pleaz feel free to jump in) ________________________________________________________________________ EMAIL ME: AIM: pikatiki MSN Messenger: tiki61 ________________________________________________________________________ The following Pw'ers are my idols (strong word I know)- Dreadite Icy (Icy's Leaving) =( M.W.F (because of long sig idea) Roberto (deep shit) (yes it is a compliment just like M.W.F said) ________________________________________________________________________ Ivanna Humpalot: Do you know what we do in Russia to keep warm? Austin Powers: No but I can guess. Ivanna Humpalot: We... play chess! 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