From: Thatguyty <> Subject: [PW!] Time to run, Time to hide Date: Friday, August 13, 1999 8:53 PM Slake sat on a stump in a clearing. He was hiding out in the hills east of Cerulean. Some local trainers were hanging around south of his hideout. Slake was used to roughing it. He'd been on his own since he was twelve. "Tek!" he shouted to his Porygon, "I need some power here dude!" Tek beeped and whistled some computer gibberish. "Yeh, yeh," said Slake, and then silently to himself, "If I could understand the little bugger I'd..." Tek zipped off through the trees and returned a few minutes later with a power cord. "How the heck? Eerrr never mind. The important thing is that we have it." Slake opened his backpack full of computer parts, clothes, and his other belongings. He pulled out a power bar and plugged it into the end of the cord. He proceeded to plug his laptop into the power bar, along with his Pokedex, which needed some recharging. His laptop started up, quickly opening his own home-made operating system. It beeped as he touched the internet icon on the screen. "What!?" shouted Slake, "Incorrect password? Look's like you've got some work to do, eh boy?" Tek zipped over to Slakes laptop, where turned into a beam of light and zapped himself into a USB port on the back. "Good thing I splurged to upgrade the parallel ports, huh?" Tek waited a few minutes, playing solitaire, for Tek to scrounge up a new password from the harddrive. Tek blew out of the laptop, leaving a long string of numbers on the screen. "I don't know what program you use to figure these things out Tek, but I like it." A few minutes later, Slake found himself with an instant message from Bill. "Slake, the buzz is that Team Rocket is searching east of Cerulean for some trainers to steal from. You might wanna get your butt outta there." "Wonderful," thought Slake. He thanked Bill and shut down his apps. "Common Tek, we gotta fly dude." Slake packed up his things and brought Tek back into his ball. He quickly covered his fire pit and any foot prints in his hideout area. He thought he heard helicopters coming from the east. Silently, he ran threw the forest, hiding under the canopies of the trees. Slake was about the least athletic person you'd ever meet, and didn't enjoy this game of chase one bit. After about 10 minutes of jogging, he was wiped. He sat with his back against a tree trunk breathing deeply and listening to the sounds of the forest. Suddenly, he heard his palmtop PC beeping. He dug into one of his pant pockets and pulled it out. He pushed a button and Bill's picture appear on the screen. "Slake! Get out of there! Team Roc-...." "Oh great! You picked a great time to screw up on me now!" whispered Slake. "Slake.... Slake! Do you copy!" asked Bill. "Yeh Bill, yeh, go ahead." "Slake, Team Rocket is planning a full scale assault in your vicinity. They think some of the trainers in the area are carrying super rare Pokemon! Dragonites, Chanseys, you name it! The trainers were told TR were after them, and they took off into the bush. Team Rocket will be sweeping the area soon. I'm sending a Fearow to you now. It'll give you a ride back here. I gotta go. See you soon!" "Wonderful," thought Slake, "I hate flying." Slake pulled out a small transmitting device from his thigh pocket. He waited in silence a few minutes until he saw the giant bird overhead. He pushed a button on the device, which emitted a high pitched beep that caught the Fearows attention. It swooped down and landed. Slake reached into a side pocket on his backpack and pulled out a granola bar he had made a batch of. He climbed on to the Fearows back and offered it the granola bar. It eagerly took it and flapped out of the trees. TBC? Someone in the area wanna pick this thing up? Just don't do anything to his Pokemon or belongings.