From: Meeko + Caterpie <> Subject: [PW!] A Good Song Date: Sunday, September 26, 1999 3:53 PM A Good Song Last time, Meeko was searching for Icy's Bug Gym ,and found one of the Shorty kids, after defeating him in a battle, she learned some things about Icy, and is now scared to death of him...., " WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! I'M NEVER GOING TO BEAT HIM!!!!!" ( Awwww, stop that Meeko, with us at your side you can beat anyone! ) Bulba said, Pikachu and Caterpie comforted her. " Your right * sniff *, I will beat him! Psychic or no psychic! * sniff *" ( That's the spirt! ) Unknown to Meeko and her Pokemon, they are being watched, by an Ekans. Ekans!!!!, the snake Pokemon leapt at Pikachu for a meal. " Noooooooooooooooo!" Meeko jumped in the way, she got pushed back by the huge snake, the Ekans fainted while Meeko was barely able to not go into a faint. " * Cough! Cough! * ug, get this snake off of me, and find some of those herbs....." So, the Pokemon did that, and eventually the Ekans was revived. EKAAAAAAAAAAAAANSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! ( Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! ) " Don't worry, I won't hurt you," Meeko reached her hand out to touch it's head when a black whip went out and hit her on the hand. " Owwwwwwwwwwwww!" Meeko rubbed her hand. " That's MY Ekans, right Rattler?" A girl about twelve years old, wearing an all black dress with an "R" right in the middle. Ekans! ( Right Rozy! ) " Well how would I know? I just got slugged by him too......" " Hey, I remember you, you're the one who got my sister Roxy killed!" " Huh? I've never killed anyone in my-" Meeko notices the big red "R". ( She's a Rocket! ) Pikachu started growling with the rest in battle positions. " I never killed your sister, the only person that we ever hurt was the Rocket woman grilling me, and Caterpie only stopped the knife from hitting me and hit her in the knee!" " The Leader says you killed her, why should I believe you? Go Rattler, go Chopper! Go Electrbuzz!" A Scyther and an Electrbuzz now were out to battle. " Go you guys!" " Rattler, constrict the Caterpie! Chopper, Sword Dance on the Bulbasaur, Electrabuzz, use all you got to take care that Pikarunt!, Because I really hate Pikachus the most, they need to all evolve!" " Noooooooooooo!" Meeko knew there was nothing she could do, then, then, then, a Jigglypuff comes to the rescue, everyone stops and stares at her. " Jigglypuff?, Jiggly puff, jiggly puff, jiggly, jigglypuuuuuuff! Jiggly, jigglypuff!....." " Not sing attack....." Rozy and her Pokemon fell asleep with Meeko beginning, but Pikachu knew the treatment, he zapped Meeko, Bulba, Caterpie, and himself to stay awake. " Let's go Pokemon!" they all started to leave, but Jigglypuff stopped them, " Jiggly, jigglypuff?" " Uh, Caterpie, what did she just say?" ( She asked if she could join with us, we were the first people to stay awake through her song. ) " Why sure, Jig, ly, puff, oh, Jigglypuff!!" " JIGGLYPUFF!" Jigglypuff was very happy and started jumping up and down in a Jigglydance. " What a cute Pokemon." Meeko smiled at Jigglypuff's antics. To Be Continued...... -- Posted via Talkway - Exchange ideas on practically anything (tm).