From: Jon Ference <jonf911@aol.comSPAMu2> Subject: Re: [PW!] A journey starting the hard way Date: Thursday, September 09, 1999 3:02 AM >>*** >> >>Kevin walked into the Pokemon Center. The Joy behind the desk noticed >the >>kid >>walking in, who didn't appear to know what was going on. >> >>She called him over. >>-------- > >Kevin went over to Nurse Joy. Noting the odd look on the boy's face, she >explained. > >"You look lost...why..." she cut herself off as she saw the Tech insignia >on >his Pokeballs. > >Kevin felt tears welling in his eyes. Just hours, and he had spoiled his >secret. Luckily, this Nurse Joy had an IQ on Ash's level. > >"You must have traded with some Tech students! They raise good Pokemon!" >Kevin >facefaulted. > >"So, young man, you look like you're starting on your journey. Pokedex >and >everything? Good. There is a Pokemon Center in every town, stop in and >my >relatives will hook you up. C'mon, now, off to sleep with you." > >The Nurse Joy shooed him up to a cot, along with other trainers. That night, >he slipped into the bathroom. > >"Growly, c'mon out. I need some help." > >The family pet, very loyal to Kevin, appeared. > >Kevin, showing the Pokedex to Growly, explained what happened. > >"We're not going to that school. Not anymore. They threw us out. So, >let's >get this logo off." > >The two companions set to scratching and peeling. Soon enough, the Pokemon >Tech logos had disappeared from their things. Kevin slept well. > >*** > >The Director sent after Kevin spent the night on the Cerulean outskirts... >*** The morning sun slowly arose, waking Kevin up. He got up immediately, gathering his things, grabbing a donut, and walking down toward the Cerulean water. Boys walked by as he was sitting down. Kevin threw a pebble into the water. It rippled outwards. Kevin sat thinking of what to do next. He tried to recall what little he knew about trainers who traveled. His dad's voice suddenly filled his mind. "Kevin, when I was your age, I went on my Pokemon journey. I got pretty good, I earned 6 badges. But I never did get the 7th. I couldn't get out to Cinnabar in time..." He remembered some of it now. The badges. The gyms. Traveling. 8 badges. And the Pokemon League if you won. Kevin set out to see if there was a gym, in this town of Cerulean. He stopped a boy, with six Pokeballs at his side. "Excuse me, is there a gym around here?" The boy looked at Kevin, sizing him up. Then he pointed. "Misty's Water Gym, right there." Kevin nodded his thanks, then hurried off. -------- Sig v.1.6A Deathclock says I die June 23, 2059. AGNP welcome person ICQ: 32262691 Azure Heights Pokemon Lab! <A HREF=""></A> <A HREF=""></A> <A HREF=""></A> "Lesbianism...matters not. It's the heart."R. Lillis