From: <> Subject: [PW] A new {NON OMNI} begining Date: Saturday, September 18, 1999 8:29 PM Okay since the last thread got confoosing with people responding at the same time and stuff, heres what happened everything has been explained to everyone and were all filled in on others activities. Now on with the show. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The gang sat in Pipian's hostpital room, huddled together talking, "Well since everything has been said and done concerning Mewtwo what are we going to do now?" John asked. "Good question," Tiki said. "Well since ive been siting in a hospital bed for awhile I was thinking of something we could do, then I thought of something," Pipian started to say. "Ive always wanted to be a detective, you know solve crimes, and stuff. So I was thinking how about we become a group of Pokemon Detectives. What do you guys think?" Pipian asked. "I.... like it." Tiki said. "Me too," Jamie said. "Ditto," Score chimed in. "Cool idea Pip," Jophn said. "Then its settled, but we need a name." TIki said. "How about, until we think of something better, The PODA. the POkemon Detective Agency. How about that?" Jamie asked. Once again evreyone agreed. "Well then the first thing we need is a place of business, and since we're here we might as well set up our office in Ceruleun." John said. "But with what Im broke," Tiki said. "Once again Ditto," Score said. "Well I have a large Laramie Banl Account that I could use for a building, rental." "Good, next we need to advertise," The group looks to Pipian and Jamie. "I got a little bit of money," Pipian said. "Jamie?" Score asked. "Oh dear... I have a large bank acount that I was saving to buy a house some day, but I suppose I could use it, we can always live at our place of business." "Good deal, well ill go looking for a building to rent then Ill go and phone the top cities papers, and take out an add." Tiki said. "Im coming too." Jamie said, "Its my money, I want a say in how its spent." "Fine with me, you guys chill here, unless you want to come too John?" Tiki asked. "Thats ok, here ill give you the acocunt number and ill call the bank and tell them your on your way." John said, handing Tiki a slip of paper with a number on it. "Cool lets go Jamie." Tiki said. They walked off for a fun filled day of building shopping. They went to the bank and emptied Johns account, then they got a paper and found a few places for rent. After looking at four buildings they found one they liked, with five possible bedrooms, other rooms that there pokmemon could go into. A large lobby type place and plenty of storage. They got papers drawn up and signed and payed the first 2 months of rent. They decided to keep some of Johns money for furniture and other neccesaties.. they hoped business would pick up before two months expired. Next they went to the newspaper, and ordered an add for every notable city or town in the country (all places from game, but not from show). Bye now it was dinner time, "Im starving," Jamie said. "Me too lets get some carry out." Tiki suggested. "Okay chinese food." Jamie replied. They found a place with carry out and got some for everyone. They walked back to the hospital with food and good news, tommorow it was time to buy furniture and move into their new home. -At friends house no sig- Sent via Share what you know. Learn what you don't.