From: <> Subject: Re: [PW] A new {NON OMNI} begining Date: Wednesday, September 29, 1999 6:31 PM -Since no one is posting a reply, I'm gonna have to finish this investigation myself! Lewis and John walked to the door of the Church. "I'm sorry sirs, but you're not allowed in there!" a police officer says, blocking the door. Lewis goes up to him and says, "Not allowed? Me? I'm allowed everywhere!" He shoves the officer out of the way while John shows him his detective license. Some of the police and members of the agency looked at Lewis, confused at why he was here. Lewis immediately went over to some burn marks and scraped some peices of it off into a clear vile. "Um, John, who is he?" Jamie asks. "Someone who claims to want to join the new agency." John replies. Lewis pulled out a pokedex and began programming something into it while pointing it at the vile with the ashes in it. "What is he doing?" Tiki asks. "Beats me." John replies. The pokedex started a, "busy" signal while Lewis repeated, "Please not Psychic, please not psychic..." The busy signal faded, and a chemical composition read. The top said, "Psychic type burst." "Nuts. Psychic type. I knew it was gonna be psychic type. I think I've figured it out. A Psychic Pokemon was here, and was overhearing something here that concerned it. In panic, it fired a psy blast at this wall and started a fire." Lewis explains. "Just where do you come to that conclusion?" Tiki asks. "The chemical composition leaves a DNA fingerprint. Depending on the blast, it registers to a specific type. Risidual Psychic energy is in this ash I took. I used my pokedex to register it as Psychic type and found out this fire was no accident. Something, or someone, Psychic deliberately fired at this wall to start a fire. The psychic energy is off the scale. I know only three Pokemon capable of it. Alakazam, Mew, and to my dismay, Mewtwo." Lewis explains. TBC Sent via Before you buy.