From: <> Subject: Re: [PW] A new {NON OMNI} begining Date: Thursday, September 30, 1999 4:00 PM With nothing much to base on, the mystery ever deepened... The group had decided to not further the case for a little bit, and settle into the new Agency for awhile. Lewis was already preparing his room in the basement of the building. He had already set up a computer and a room for his Pokemon. Lewis, being the obsessive type, was still investigating the church mystery when Jamie walked downstairs. "Still working on the case?" Jamie asked. "Yah. I've narrowed out Mewtwo and Mew out of suspects. Now we have an Alakazam as our suspect. I'm checking local systems. Most likely the person or Pokemon who did this isn't local. I'm checking local places and see if anyone checked into the city or out of the city. People who have Pokemon with them must tell people when they leave town what Pokemon they're leaving with. I've narrowed it down to two people. Me, who has an Alakazam in the other room, and a man suspected of being a member of Team Rocket..." Lewis replies. "What's this guy's info?" Jamie asks as he walks down to take a look. "He's been arrested twice by the officer Jenny of Celadon for burlgary. Not much, a few jewels here, a pokeball there. He's been suspected of being a Team Rocket member do to his contacts with unregistered citizens of cities. He checked into Celadon about a week before the fire. And he's still here..." Lewis replies. "I'll tell the others. We might have to question him." Jamie responds. Jamie walks upstairs and Lewis goes over to his Pokemon's room. He saw his Weedle, focusing as hard as he could, and pointing its stinger at a bullseye target. "Don't worry, Weedle. You'll be able to do it someday." Lewis replies as he grabs his trench coat and recalls his Pokemon. TBC Sent via Before you buy.