From: Thatguyty <> Subject: Re: [PW] A new {NON OMNI} begining Date: Saturday, September 18, 1999 11:10 PM In article <7s1lbb$hc$>, wrote: > Bye now it was dinner time, "Im starving," Jamie said. > "Me too lets get some carry out." Tiki suggested. > "Okay chinese food." Jamie replied. > They found a place with carry out and got some for everyone. They > walked back to the hospital with food and good news, tommorow it was > time to buy furniture and move into their new home. Score sat in an uncomfortable hospital chair fumbling with some chop sticks. He almost had a piece of ginger beef to his mouth when his index finger slipped and the ginger beef went flying right into Jamie's eye. "Ow!" yelled Jamie, "Thanks a lot!" "Uh, can I have my ginger beef back?" asked Score. "I'll give you some ginger beef!" threatened Jamie, wielding a chopstick and stomping toward Score. Tiki stopped her and she sat back down, wiping teriaky sauce from her eye. "So," said Score, "what are you each going to put in your rooms in our headquaters?" "Whoooaaa," said Pipian, "Headquarters. It even sounds important." "I call the room with the best view!" shouted Score. "You can't call the room with the best view!" said Tiki, "You must be within seeing distance of the room, and you must specify the room, not what you think of it." "Huh?" said Score, confused, "What are you talking about?" "It's the rules of dibs," explained John, "You can't just go breaking the rules of dibs." Score put down his plate and chopsticks and rose to his feet. "Fine," he said, "I'm gonna go call my room!" He bolted out the door of Pipian's room, down the hall and out the door of the hospital. Tiki, Jamie, and John jumped up and followed him. Pipian yelled for them to come back, realizing he was going to get the crappy room. A few minutes later, Score was at the PODAHQ, holding on to a window ledge. He had wall kicked his way to the second floor and was trying to get the window open without falling. He threw open the window with one big push and pulled himself in. The room was dusty, but large. "Hmm, no," said Score, to himself. He stepped out into the second story hall and looked down the stairs. "Roomy." He turned around and noticed a bunch of rooms down the hall. He ran to the end of the hall and opened the door on the right. The room was massive, with a high ceiling and a massive green house window. The window faced east, and Score could see the sea speard out before him. To the north, there was a balcony that hung over a small grove of trees. "I call this room." After putting a piece of string around the door knob, Score explored the room directly across the hall. The room has as big as his, and had a green house window facing the east, where the sun was setting over Mt. Moon. Just then, Jamie burst into the room. "I call it!" she yelled. Tiki and John had picked their own rooms down the hall. Each also chose a room beside his or her own for their Pokémon. "Well, I guess Pipian gets those ones," said Score, gesturing to the one he had entered through, and the one beside it. After securing their rooms, the group walked back to the hospital. As they entered Pipian's hospital room, they saw something amazing. TBC? Hehe. I get the sweet room! Nahnahnahnaaaah! -- ~Thatguyty Webmaster of "Tracking Mew" If ya smeellllll-lelelelellLA.... who the Duck...... is fucking. Sent via Share what you know. Learn what you don't.