From: IcyPikachu <> Subject: Re: [PW!] (Marshmallow&Fluff) Alone Again Date: Monday, September 13, 1999 6:54 AM Last time, on the Marshmallow's Adventures... | At this same time, Cajava was entering Vermillion, having come from | Maiden's Peak. She wasn't sure what had happened at the magic show, but | a feeling from the Ben side of her told that it was pretty embarrassing. | Oh, well, maybe a Gym Battle in the morning would make her feel better. | She was about to head for the Pokécenter when... | | "Puff!" | | "Eevee!" The voices immediately brought a smile on her face. Jigglypuffs | and Eevees were her two favorite Pokémon. But where did they come from? | Since the two Pokémon had no idea of her presence, they chattered on | about something she could not guess, since she doesn't speak Pokémon. | | "Aha! There they are! Oh, they're so cute! I gotta catch'em!" Cajava | said to herself as she took out a Pokéball and aimed. | | "Eeeeeveeee!" [I smell a human!] | | "Jiggly?" [Where?] The question was answered when Marshmallow felt a | spherical object smack her in the head. She turned into energy, and was | brought into the ball. 1...2... smash! Marshmallow broke free of the | ball, and immediately yelled, "Jiggllyyy!" which roughly translates | into, "Run for your life!" The two Pokémon ran as fast as their little | legs could go, but still heard the footsteps of the dreaded Trainer. | | "Man, they're fast!" ssid Cajava, still in chase. "Go, Fluke!" The | Pidgey appeared. "Gust attack! Now!" Fluke flew fast, and cut off the | Jigglypuff. It started flapping its wings, and Marshmallow flew | backwards, smacking into Fluff. The two Pokémon landed in a crumpled | heap on the street, not too sure which way was up. Cajava smiled, then | took a Pokéball and aimed. | | "Jigglypuff, Eevee, you're mine." And now, the continuation... "VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!" Fluff rose to his feet prepared to defend Marshmallow who seemed to be out of it for the time being. Marshmallow meanwhile, rolled around until she found herself on her feet again. She began sobbing. "VEEE VEEE VEEE!!!" [GO AWAY!!!]. "Humph, I always though Eevees were kind little pokémon, guess not. Anyways, you'll be a lot nicer once you have a new home. Pokéball GO!" Fluff's eyes widened as the ball speeded for him. He had to think fast. Marshmallow also thought quickly. She had an idea. Just as the ball was about to hit Fluff, she took out the small flashlight she had stolen from the Officer Jenny in Pewter, and batted away the pokéball. "JIGGY!!!" [Home run!]. "Jigglypuff, puff, puff!" [And now for the big finish!]. Marshmallow began singing. "Jiiiiiiggggiilllly-puuufffffffffffffff, jiggaaalllllyyyyyyiiiyyyyppuuuuuuffffffffffffff...." Cajava fell to her knees yawning. "Oh darn... not Sing att........ {snore}....." She and her pokémon fell asleep on the sidewalk. "Jiggy jig, puff." [C'mon Fluff, let's get out of here before she wakes up.] "Veee vee eevee!" [Right, the quicker the better!] The two stray pokémon ran away from Cajava as quickly as their little legs could carry them. They ran towards the northern entrance to Vermilion which had a small grassland and forest. "Jigglypuff, jig puff..." [We'll camp here so no trainers can follow us.] "Veeeeeeeeeee vee vee veeeee..." [I told you all trainers are evil. You wouldn't listen.] "Jiggggggggggg...." [I guess you're right. I'll never let that happen again. I'll avenge Sandshrew's capture some day.] "Veee!" [That's the spirit!] "Jig..." [But first, we rest!]. Fluff sweatdropped. TBC... (Note: Evil trainer!!! That'll teach you. If you still want them to come along with you, yah better treat them really nice... Of course, you still need to find them again... Hehehe... Thanks for the interact though!) -- ===============================~ IcyPikachu ~== IcyPikachu's Caterpie Forest: -=(This has pop-ups)=- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- on Virtual Avenue -=( Has persistant pop-ups )=- on Xoom.Com -=( No pop-ups )=- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- (THREE NEW MIRRORS COMING SOON!!!) =============================================== "Behold the power of my 17.2 Jigglybyte hard drive!!!" - IcyPikachu "CHAAAAA... o^_^o" - IcyPikachu "IcyPikachu, do you see Pikachu?" - IcyPikachu "Now I am truly one with the Pikachu." - IcyPikachu "Pika must run. Have battery, will travel." - Sailor Pika "With no pokemon, there is no life." - VaporMandr ---------------------------------------------------------------------- "Six legged creatures from planet earth, We love to laugh and are full of mirth, To love all Caterpie and help them all, To release the Butterfree in the fall, Clan Caterpie crawl oh so slow, Surrender now or look down low" - Clan Caterpie Motto =============================================== E-Mail: ICQ: 29184557 (IcyPikachu) AIM: IcyPikachu 2000 =============================================== O.O - Sigglypuff v2.22 - O.O SIGGY SIGGY!!!