From: IcyPikachu <> Subject: Re: [PW!] (Marshmallow&Fluff) Alone Again Date: Tuesday, September 14, 1999 6:56 AM Last time, on Marshmallow's Adventures... | | "Excuse me, miss? Wake up. You're blocking people's way." | | Cajava woke up, then got up and looked around. Officer Jenny was nearby, | looking a little annoyed. As were a small group of people. | | "You know, the Pokécenter does allow free room and board, and its a lot | more comfortable then the streets." | | "That's true, Officer, but a Jigglypuff's Sing attack doesn't give you | much choice where you nap." Cajava answered. Jenny pondered this, then | smiled. | | "Next time, bring ear plugs to a Jigglypuff battle." | | Cajava said goodbye, then walked away...into a fountain! One | transformation later, Ben got out and used Fluke's Gust attack to dry | himself off. "Arrgh, I hate when that happens." | | Ben then thought about his next destination, but decided he should catch | a Ground Pokémon for the battle against Surge. He headed to the northern | part of Vermillion and started searching. | | At this time, Marshmallow got up, and yawned. Suddenly, she froze. | Coming in their direction was another trainer. Remembering what happened | last night, Marshmallow stayed perfectly still in the tall grass. As she | watched, Fluff got up. | | "Eevee vee ee?" [What's going on?] | | "Jigglypuff." [Trainer.] | | Fluff almost yelled, but Marshmallow covered his mouth in time. The two | watched in horror as the trainer rustled out a Sandshrew, then proceeded | to use a Seel to weaken and capture it. But what happened next was | worse. The trainer proceeded to turn around and walk straight towards | them. | | Ben was happy at his latest catch. This Sandshrew, when trained, will | help him out seriously. Ben continued to walk when he suddenly kicked a | Jigglypuff out into the open. "Huh? a Jigglypuff? But they're only | available at Mount Moon. Oh well, I'll catch it." Ben took another | pokéball, and was going to throw it when he saw the Pokémon's sad, | scared eyes. Ben lowered the Pokéball. | | "I can't do it. it's just too cute to capture." At this Marshmallow | tilted her head to one side. A trainer that can't capture a Pokémon? | Talk about your lucky breaks. Marshmallow stood up and started talking. | | "What? I can't understand you, puffball. Blob, I choose you!" The Ditto | appeared. "Blob, can you tell me what it's saying?" As Marshmallow | talked, Blob told Ben what it was yakking about. After it was done, Ben | smiled. | | "So your name is Marshmallow? But I don't see this Fluff character | anywhere." Marshmallow simply pointed to the grass, and Fluff could | barely be seen, rolled up in a small ball of fur. Ben laughed. | | "C'mon out, little eevee. I won't catch you." Fluff unrolled, then | quietly walked out. He then closed his eyes, but the expected Pokéball | toss never happened. | | Ben noticed the creature's obvous fear, then said, " Well, I won't catch | you, but why don't you hang out with me for awhile. You won't be my | Pokémon, but any trainers we run into will think so and leave you alone. | Want to?" | And now, the conclusion... Marshmallow was quick to want to trust yet another nice looking trainer. Fluff grabbed her arm and pulled her back. "Veee!!!! Evee veee eeevvvveeeeee!" [What are you doing? Can't you see? It's just a trick!] Ben looked down at Blob. "Ditto! Dittoooo dittooo dittoooooooo..." [The eevee thinks you're trying to pull a fast one on them.] "Well... Tell them, I just want to be friends with them. Honest. I'm not going to capture you." Blob relayed Ben's message to Marshmallow and Fluff. "Jiggly..." [See, he's nice.] "Veee... veee, vee, veeeee." [Wasn't it you who just last night vowed to never again trust trainers. Not after Sandshrew.] The horrifying images of her first friend's unfortunate capture flashed before her eyes. Marshmallow shreaked in horror as it played out. She could still remember the pain and fear that first trainer had caused her. But why, even after being abandoned by two other humans, why would she again try her luck on this one. Blob told Ben what they were saying. "Marshmallow... I'm not an evil trainer. Like I said, I don't to capture you. I don't think I need to capture every single pokemon that comes into sight. I want you to be free. I'm just offering you the opportunity to travel with me. Please..." Ben seemed very deeply interested in having Marshmallow follow him. He decided the best approach would be to put his extra pokeballs in his backpack so they weren't in sight. He reached for one and had Blob explain his intentions. Fluff naturally was about to rip Ben apart, but stoped upon hearing Blob explain it. Fluff understood and curled back up next to Marshmallow. "Veeeeeeeee..." [Maybe this guy is ok. He did have to opportunity to capture us all this time, and he didn't even throw a pokeball.] "Jiggly... puff puff puff!" [Well then, let's go along with him for a while. Besides, that Ditto of his is kinda good looking...]. Blob sweatdropped. TBC... (They're all yours for a story now... Perhaps it's time for a new thread seeing they aren't alone anymore...)