From: Time Lady <> Subject: Re: [PW!]As the sun rises, there shall come a new life..... Date: Monday, September 27, 1999 8:09 PM Continue wrote: > Time Lady wrote: > > <snippage> > Damian looks over and says "I never thought Iíd have to say this for > when you stopped circling, but this is going to take some getting used > to. I wonder how many more surprises Iím going to get today?" > > It wasnít long before the next surprise came. It happened after he > entered the kitchen in Laraís house. Damian stopped when he heard a > low growling. He looked for the source and found Laraís growlithe. > "Why are you doing that? Itís not like you havenít seen me the past two > days." > > It was probably the "AWWKK" that made Damian nearly jump out of > his skin. Once he recovered his wits, he looked to the source of the > sound and saw Sarah Jane hugging and rocking a small reptilian > pokemon while softly saying "Shhhh, itís ok. Heís a friend. Youíll be > meeting alot of friends today." With that, both the pokemon and > Damian seemed to relax. > > The young trainers next words were an eloquent "What the?" Sarah > Jane answered the barely formed question "The egg that I found at > Grandpa Canyon hatched this morning. It turned out to be an > Aerodactyl." > > "Just hatched? It must be pretty hun--?" he trailed off. "What is it?" > Sarah Jane asked as Damian pulled his pokedex out of one of his > pockets. "Checking something I thought I heard onceÖ" He pointed > the pokedex at the miniature flier. He pressed a few buttons while the > newly-hatched pokemon stared at the bright red rectangle with the > flashing blue dome on it. > > After a few seconds he shut it again. "Itís what I thought. Aerodactyls > are strictly carnivorous. They canít eat anything but meat, so no > pokechow for this one. Um, does the baby have teeth to yet?" > > Sarah Jane looked down at the newly-hatched pokemon and softly told > it "Open your mouth, I just want to look inside." Almost happily, the > little Aerodactyl opened its mouth as wide as it could, allowing Sarah > Jane to carefully peek inside. "You can close it now." When it had > closed its mouth Sarah Jane lightly stroked it on the head. "It doesnít > have teeth yet. I really donít think itís going to be a problem, though." > > "Huh? If itís like any other bird, the mother has to chew up the food for > the baby. Even if you wanted to do that, you couldnít because of all the > germs that you could pass on." Damian pointed out. > > Sarah Jane smiled "Thatís ok. Either I can just cut up the food so itís small enough to swallow, or I can buy those little jars of pureed meats that they make for babies.." > "I guess youíre pretty ready for this then." Damian concluded. > "I've been reading that book I bought by that Aerodactyl breeder," she replied. "I didn't know whether or not it would be an Aerodactyl, but it seemed the most likely possibility." Back in the room shared by the girls, Spunky wakes up. As he stretches, he notices that Cuddles and Shields are both still sound asleep. He decides to go check on Sarah Jane. Alarmed, he realizes she is not in her cot. <<WAKE UP! WAKE UP!>> he barks as he leaps on Shields and Cuddles. <<Wha....?>> begins Cuddles sleepily. <<Go back to sleep and don't get Sarah-mama mad again....>> <<SHE'S GONE! SARAH-MAMA'S NOT IN HER BED!>> returns Spunky. Cuddles' eyes open wide, and Shields sits up suddenly. <<That's silly.... she wouldn't be up this early unless you woke her up again.>> scoffed Cuddles as she stood. <<Go see for yourself!>> snarled Spunky. Cuddles walks over to Sarah Jane's cot, only to discover her brother is right. <<Where is she?>> asks Cuddles with a quivering lower lip. She looks up at Shields like she is going to cry. The Mr. Mime closes his eyes for a moment, then points towards the kitchen. In a flash, the two Nidorans dash down the hallway. > A sudden "AWWKK" signaled the arrival of someone else to the > kitchen. > "NI NI DO! NI NI DO!" <<Sarah-mama! Sarah-mama!>> call Cuddles and Spunky as they dash into the kitchen, nearly running Damian down. "Mite?" asks Bulletproof. "Yeah.... we've got to remember to stay out of their way," mutters Damian. The two Nidorans stop short when they see the strange creature in their adopted mother's arms. Shields, who was close behind them, also stares at the newborn. "Meet your new little sister," says Sarah Jane with a smile. "AAAWWWKKK," squawked the Aerodactyl. "You're sure it's female?" asks Damian. "I.... just know somehow," replies Sarah Jane. "Ni do?" <<The egg?>> asks Cuddles. Sarah Jane nods. "Ran ran nido ran...." <<Why'd it hafta be another girl....>> mutters Spunky. > TBCÖ > > Jeff Hauser* > *Sig Sold Seperately -- (o)_(o) || Time Lady, _(^*^)_ ||, (__ __) || Visit the Mystic Manor Homepage /_/\_\ ||