From: Jon Ference <jonf911@aol.comSPAMu2> Subject: Re: [PW!]As the sun rises, there shall come a new life..... Date: Tuesday, September 28, 1999 2:36 AM In a message dated 9/27/99 9:37:00 PM, writes: >> The orb itself begins to glow with a rosy aura of its own. The cracks > >> deepen and lengthen. Warily the Growlithe continues to growl. > >> Sarah Jane barely dares to breath in anticipation. A small triangle >of > >> the rock hard shell falls to the ground, followed by another piece, > >> then another.... larger chunks begin to fall away.... > >> > >> "BRRRAAAAWWWKKKK...." squawks the newborn as it opens its > >> eyes. It blinks, then focuses on Sarah Jane. "DAAAAAAKKKKK...." > >> > >> "Welcome to the world, little one," she says in an awed whisper. > >> > >> The baby stretches its stony wings. "DAAAKKKK...." <Mama!> > >> > >> Brushing away a tear from her cheek, Sarah Jane picks up the baby > >> and holds it close. The Growlithe sniffs it curiously. "It's a baby > >> Aerodactyl," she tells the fire dog. > >> > >> The hues of light change as the sun completes its daily journey over > >> the horizon, bathing the trio in its glow. > >> > >> "This is definitely going to be a wonderful day," she says as she > >> carefully puts the baby Aerodactyl in the carrier, then moves off back > >> towards the house. > > > >The beginning of a new day is a beautiful sight, if youíre awake to see > >it. If you happen to be in a deep sleep because you were up late at a > >party the night before, you would probably enjoy the sunrise about as > >much as a vampire. There are some times when you donít have the > >choice, however. > > > >This happens to be the case for Damian. He had the minor misfortune > >of getting the cot closest to the window. He hadnít noticed the fact that > >the shade hadnít been completely closed the night before, but it became > >obvious now. The golden shafts of light pierced his eyelids and turned > >his world red. > > > >The young trainer tried to reach over to pull down the shade. When his > >arm reached its full extension he noticed there was going to be a > >problem since he couldnít grasp anything in his hand except air. > > > >He cracked open his eyes and strained against the new morningís light > >to see that his hand was no more than a half-foot away from the shade. > >Damian leaned over to try and grab the shade without getting out of the > >comfortable cot. His hand had almost reached the shade when he felt > >the world move quickly around him until he abruptly met the floor. > >"OwhÖ" he mumbled face first to the floor. > > > >"Hopefully the rest of the day will go better than this." he continued >to > >mumble as he got up from the floor. The young trainer dressed as > >quickly and quietly as he could. Despite this, after collecting a few > >items, he thought he heard someone stir as he left and headed over to > >Laraís house. > > > >On the way there, he stops. "Almost forgot." He reaches in a pocket > >and pulls out a pokeball. He pops it open as quietly as he can despite > >the noise being generated from various bird pokemon. From the glow > >emerges Damianís Magnemite, Bulletproof. > > > >"Just like I promised. I didnít abandon you. You can start circling my > >head again." The Magnemite stares and asks "Ne?" "Yeah, circling > >like you always do, right?" Damian points his index finger up and > >spins his forearm in a circular motion. > > > >The Magnemite then turns and moves to Damianís left shoulder and > >circles around the back of his head, but stops over his right shoulder. > >"Mite." it seems to pronounce after stopping. > > > >Damian looks over and says "I never thought Iíd have to say this for > >when you stopped circling, but this is going to take some getting used > >to. I wonder how many more surprises Iím going to get today?" > > > >It wasnít long before the next surprise came. It happened after he > >entered the kitchen in Laraís house. Damian stopped when he heard a > >low growling. He looked for the source and found Laraís growlithe. > >"Why are you doing that? Itís not like you havenít seen me the past two > >days." > > > >It was probably the "AWWKK" that made Damian nearly jump out of > >his skin. Once he recovered his wits, he looked to the source of the > >sound and saw Sarah Jane hugging and rocking a small reptilian > >pokemon while softly saying "Shhhh, itís ok. Heís a friend. Youíll be > >meeting alot of friends today." With that, both the pokemon and > >Damian seemed to relax. > > > >The young trainers next words were an eloquent "What the?" Sarah > >Jane answered the barely formed question "The egg that I found at > >Grandpa Canyon hatched this morning. It turned out to be an > >Aerodactyl." > > > >"Just hatched? It must be pretty hun--?" he trailed off. "What is it?" > >Sarah Jane asked as Damian pulled his pokedex out of one of his > >pockets. "Checking something I thought I heard onceÖ" He pointed > >the pokedex at the miniature flier. He pressed a few buttons while the > >newly-hatched pokemon stared at the bright red rectangle with the > >flashing blue dome on it. > > > >After a few seconds he shut it again. "Itís what I thought. Aerodactyls > >are strictly carnivorous. They canít eat anything but meat, so no > >pokechow for this one. Um, does the baby have teeth to yet?" > > > >Sarah Jane looked down at the newly-hatched pokemon and softly told > >it "Open your mouth, I just want to look inside." Almost happily, the > >little Aerodactyl opened its mouth as wide as it could, allowing Sarah > >Jane to carefully peek inside. "You can close it now." When it had > >closed its mouth Sarah Jane lightly stroked it on the head. "It doesnít > >have teeth yet. I really donít think itís going to be a problem, though." > > > >"Huh? If itís like any other bird, the mother has to chew up the food >for > >the baby. Even if you wanted to do that, you couldnít because of all the > >germs that you could pass on." Damian pointed out. > > > >Sarah Jane smiled "Thatís ok. I can just cut up the food so itís small > >enough to swallow." > > > >"I guess youíre pretty ready for this then." Damian concluded. > > > >A sudden "AWWKK" signaled the arrival of someone else to the > >kitchen. Jon stumbled in, already packed and dressed. He had been reading his Pokedex, and had tripped on the doorstop. Damian reached over, giving Jon a hand up. He popped over to another chair, pulling three Pokeballs and calling out Vulpix, Ninetales, and Bulbasaur. As Jon began to feed all his Pokemon one by one, Lara came over and sat by the growing group. She noted the Vulpix on Jon's head, attempting to eat his eyelashes. "I do beeelieve the next gym on Cinnabar is fire Pokemon..." Lara said. Damian nodded. "Blaine is the leader, if I heard correctly." As they were waiting for the rest to come down, a screen door opened, revealing a Psyduck. It slowly waddled in. TBC... -------- Sig v.1.7A Deathclock says I die June 23, 2059. AGNP welcome person ICQ: 32262691 Azure Heights Pokemon Lab! Poke-zine 773 Posts to AGNP and Counting!