From: Mushboom <> Subject: [PW!] Awwww nerts... Date: Saturday, September 11, 1999 12:54 PM Chosu sat slumped in the emptying stands of the Big P Pokemon race, he sighed heavily. "I signed up too late, how can that be?" he asked Rakurai, who was mimicing his trainer. "Elbl?" the Electabuzz shrugged. "It was a rehetorical question, dummy." Rakurai shrugged again and went back to moping like his trainer. Chosu thought some more, he decided he would have lost anyway, Oojishin couldn't get over the water. He left it that, feeling a tad better, and looked around. "Where's Phannon?" he muttered as he stood, Rakurai still copy-catting. The duo made their way down the bleachers and searched for Phannon, Playa, Generator and the bike. They stumbeled onto the group who were all in the same position they were before, infront of the sign-in booth. They weren't moving and it didn't look like they were breathing either. "Phannon?" Chosu asked, "You okay?" No response. "Helloooo? Phannoooon?" Still no response. "Stop giving me the silent treatment! What's up?" No more response than the last time. "Fine, be that way! I'll travel without you!" Chosu and Rakurai stomped off, fuming mad. They passed a group of celebrating people and spotted a sign saying something about a "Post-Race Feast". Chosu licked his chops, but then he guessed it was for *racers* only. He got mad again and asked a passing person where Fuschia was. ***After much long-winded instructions*** Chosu followed the practically indecipherable directions that were scribbled down on the back of a cocktail napkin. He looked up from the napkin, as did Rakurai who was on his trainer's shoulders. They were surrounded by a jungle-like scenario, mysterious sounds came from all around them. Chosu's Electabuzz shuddered and Chosu himself gulped in fear. Distant roars, loud chirpings and even the occasional howl called at the duo. All that was quickly interrupted by a mass of screaming pink bursting threw some nearby bushes followed by a cawing lump of brown feathers and extra heads. The odd shapes began to run around the confused Chosu. He clutched his head, "What's...going...on?" After a few minutes of sorting his thoughts he solved the problem the best way he knew how. Fighting. "Go Haunter!" The semi-transparant pokemon appeared, "Haunt haunt haunt!" it laughed. "Haunter, use um..." Chosu remembered his studying, searching for any of Haunter's moves. "Use Hypnosis on both of the uh...things!" The ghost responded by making faces at the speeding figures. "Uh...That's not supposed to happen," Chosu scratched his head. The Haunter kept making faces, the shapes started to slow down. They both stopped looking at the ghost. The pink lump had a long tongue hanging out of its mouth and was sort of giggling. The brown feathery thing had three heads and they were all worried. Haunter disappeared suddenly, the bird felt a tap on its middle head. All three heads turned just in time to see Haunter make a particular funny face, at least to the pink lump it was funny. The bird took off into the forest, cawing in fear. During all this confusion, Chosu was still...well...confused as was Rakurai. He recalled Haunter and looked at the pink lump on rolling around on the ground, laughing. He pulled out a pokeball and chucked it at the pink lump with the long tongue. It was absorbed into the ball which shook once and stopped. "Laughing pokemon must be easier to catch," he said to no one in particular. He bent down and picked up the red and white orb, he put it on his belt in between Haunter and Oojishin. Chosu decided he should check out his 'Handguide to the World' book, just in case. He leafed through the paperback and came upon a page with the picture of the pink lump he had just caught. Chosu read aloud, "Lickitung, though comical in appearance, Lickitung can be quite formidable. Beware of its Wrap and Supersonic attacks. For its attacks it uses its tongue, which is double the length of its body." Chosu continued, "This Normal-type pokemon is usually around 1.4 meters high and 125 kilos. He never evolves but he does get continually stronger as his level grows. It is also a very rare pokemon, usually found only in the Safari Zone." "Safari Zone! I've heard of that!" Chosu exclaimed, he went through more of the book until he found an article about the Safari Zone and started to read but was interrupted by the roar of an engine. "What was that?" TBC....? -- -MB ::Contacts:: E-mail: ICQ: 38179649 AIM: Mushboom99/Mushzilla Website(that I work for): ::Quotes:: "When you look this good, you don't have to know anything." -Fry "We're not retreating, we're advancing in another direction." -General A. 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