From: Ncnc123 <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Battle for the Badge, Part 1 Date: Wednesday, September 08, 1999 1:26 PM > >Nisemon was annoyed. That trainer had ceased his glances in the Ditto's >direction, and was now glaring at a small Eevee that was gleefully >pawing at something on the ground. It occurred to Nisemon as realisation >dawned that the gun the Eevee was playing with could quite possibly go >off, but that did not concern the Ditto. There was no threat to a >lifeform made out of protoplasm, that was certain. What was worrying >Nisemon was the current lack of attention being offered by the trainer. >Nisemon felt spurned. And that did not feel good. So the Ditto was going >to act now. > >The next thing Splash saw was the woman with the body of a supermodel >(painfully thin yet somehow incredibly alluring) advancing towards his >table. *His* table? Surely not. He quickly checked behind him to see if >there was any other possible target for the woman's attentions, but >there was nobody else there. So he turned back round, just in time to >see nise-Murasaki leaning on the table with one hand, while looking >directly at him. > >"Hi!" said nise-Murasaki brightly. "I noticed you looking at me, and >thought I'd come over." ('Not a good excuse,' thought Nisemon. 'I really >have to buy a book of chat up lines.') "Anyway, what's your name?" she >asked. "My name's... my name's... actually, names aren't important, are >they?" ('Damn, damn, damn,' thought Nisemon. 'I never actually asked for >that girl's name...') > >Splash did not know what to think, so did not respond. And the woman was >beginning to look flustered, but she soon regained some degree of >sanity, which was good by Nisemon's standards. > >"Anyway," she said. "Are you going to buy me a drink?" > "Uh... sure," Splash said. "Why don't you sit down?" "Sure," Said the woman, as she sat down across from Splash. "Humph," Misty said as she got out from the table and ran back to her gym. (If she was even there. I forgot where she was.) Splash looked at the woman... she was hot, and good looking. Splash began to drool. "Um... your drooling," The woman said. "Oh, sorry," Splash said, getting a little red in the cheeks. "I didn't mean to." "Right..." The lady said. "Well, are we going to order?" Splash asked. "Sure," the lady said. "Alright," Splash said, as he turned to look for Dernam. "Waiter!" The woman called as she waved him over. Dernam came over and eyed Splash suspitiously. "Yeah," He said, "What do you want?" "I'll take a Sprite," Splash said. He turned to the lady accross from him, "What do you want?" TBC.....? ---------- AIM: ncnc123 ICQ: 47668217 e-mail: ----------- It took me 3 months to figure out how to set my signature, and only now do I realize that I have nothing to say in it.