From: Shimarisu <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Battle for the Badge, Part 1 Date: Monday, September 13, 1999 4:42 AM In article <>, (Ncnc123) wrote: > "Hi Tenta," Splash said. > "Tentacool!" Tenta said. > "Guess what," Splash said. He then proceeded to tell Tenta all that had > happened recently. That took about 5 minutes. Then, Splash recalled Tenta and > headed out back to the lady rocket who was waiting for him. Or at least, who he *thought* had been waiting for him. When Splash got back to the table, the lady rocket was gone. In the time that Splash had been away, Nisemon had been pondering something. The thing that concerned Nisemon at this point was just how bad his/her attention span was getting. First there had been the tapping of fingers on the table. Then there had been the repetitive reading of the menu. Then there had been the counting of the leaves on a tree outside. Then there had been the casual pondering as to whether Nisemon could affect peoples' eventual deaths just by staring at them while thinking nasty thoughts. All this had taken just 3 minutes. After this, Nisemon got bored and walked the fake Murasaki off out of the diner. So now the Rocket had left the table, and was nowhere to be seen. Splash didn't hesitate. He wanted to find out what had happened, so he asked an expressionless NPC who was stood near the entrance. The NPC, lacking any sentient direction, simply pointed out of the open door. Splash ran out of the diner, just in time to see the lady Rocket walking off into the distance, towards Bill's lighthouse. "I'm bored." Nisemon thought, while walking off into the distance, or the immediate vicinity as was the case from the Ditto's perspective. "I think I'll go bother that funny scientist again." Splash wondered whether to chase after the lady or not. Maybe she'd thought he'd abandoned her, or something... - TBC? Sent via Share what you know. Learn what you don't.