From: Chuck Einhorn <> Subject: [PW!] Beast from Earth Date: Thursday, September 30, 1999 5:36 PM (Heh, I believe we want to go to Pewter, and Mt. Moon is along the way, that Shimarisu(Nisemon) is gone, lezgo!) After the Rocket had left, Dernam returned his attention to the now-somewhat-docile Splash and big-brother Luke. "Well, now that that is done's getting late. We had better get to sleep soon, and I have a motel room. There are two beds, I can take the floor." They all nodded in agreement, and left for the motel. They all slept quietly, save for Luke, who snickered when 6 climbed on top of him. Everyone flopped out of bed bright and early, smelled themselves, and took showers. Dernam needed one worst, for he had been in the middle of an inferno earlier. After taking the nessacary precautions of personal hygiene, they checked out and left. Walking along, Dernam spied the Cerulean City Gym, with a moping Misty outside. He passed within earshot. "I can't believe that Mara girl beat me!" Dernam whisted to get here attention. Sheturned, and he gave the international "I really want a BJ so suck it" signal to her, quite enraging her. Daisy and Lily had to hold her back. Violet looked like she could rip his head off too. Both Luke and Splash looked upon this with much confusion. Dernam decided to explain to them what it all was, first pointing out 6's Cascade-Badge Collar, and then related to them the Grand Ol' Time in Saffron he had. Saving the Pikachu, leaving, escaping the press in Misty's hotel room, yadayadayada, yackittyshmackity, too which they listened, enraptured. Then he described 6's capture, and the events of the Diner and Poké-ball. "So, little brother, you are saying that you broke into a girl's hotel roo, caught a really cute Pokémon, and danced with 2 hot chicks, and STILL haven't scored?" "Luke, why I even bother with you........" Weeping is heard in the background. "Boohoo....*sniff*..all I wanted was friends.....*snuff*." Not wanting someone to go through too much emotional trouble, Dernam walke back behind a nearby building, belonging to some Pokémon Detectives, it seems, with Splash and Luke in tow, only to come upon.....a talking cat? And a wierd, huge one at that. It looked up long enough to look at the motley trio before looking down at the ground, crying. "Umm, I'm sorry you are so sad, what's wrong?" "*Snuffle* left me, now they work here. We used to have so much fun, playing games,, they left me, don't want to play..*sniff*, all I wanted was some friends! But no, they had to get complained and bitched at! Damn*snuffle* you Spawn, damn you to hell!" "Spawn? You are making no sense.....what the hell is your name, anyway?" "Umm...Mew....Mewtwo." "What? Noone here is called Mew." "No, my name is Mewtwo!" "Look, I'm Dernam, this is Luke, he is Splash, and that Eevee is 6. No one here is called Mew." "No, no, no! My name is Mewtwo!" "You can't be, noone here is named Mew!" "You idiot! It's Mew, and then the number, two! "But noone here is called Mewandthenthenumber! "NO! MY NAME IS MEWTWO! MEWTWO! "But pal, noone here is named Mew!" "GEEEEEEYYYAAAAAHHHHHH!" The freak of nature grabbed his head and ran off. <Flash Forward> Dernam opened his eyes and looked at his grandchildren. "Un ah reckons we havn seen Mewtwo since. Why, likin back than, I cant alwas beleave I wus so stupid!" "Grandpa, talk normal, not like an old-timer." "Oh, alright, I will, but talking like this ruins the atmosphere! Anyway, Like I was saying....." <Flash Back> A long day of hiking comes to an end at the base of Mount Moon. Checking through the supplies, Dernam takes out his tent and makes camp. Luke decides to sleep under the stars. It was not hard to get to sleep...except Splash had problems. Images of A huge, imposing tower, and awful ghosts and demons swirled about in his head, and he slpet light, awaking tired and unrefreshed. After breakfast, the still-groggy Splash recounts his nightmares to Luke and Dernam. "Sounds like Lavender." Dernam had heard tell of tht place before, with it's cemetary tower, and awful hordes of ghosts. "Lavender town? Where is that? I gotta go there, I think...." "Slow down, bub. The fastest way to get through to Lavender is by way of the Rock Tunnel, and I doubt that you have any spelunking skills. Moon here is rather easy, and should teach you well in the ways of cave travel. Luke and I have plenty, searching the seaside caverns near Fuschia." "That's right, we can show you the ropes." "Tell you what, Splash, I want to go to Pewter after this. There is someone there that is just *wink* dieing to meet me. Luke and I will show you the ropes up Moon, we can take the back route. It shouldn't be too difficult, and Moon Stone is said to be more plentiful up that way. Nidorino would want that. There is also a PokéCenter halfway up, just in casse, and a few caves in between to camp in." [Note:] Refrence to the Pokémon Pack's existing information of back trail, they may meet....... After some bickering on Splash's part, they started up the long winding trail. At the first cave, Splash wanted to rest, and Dernam complied reluctantly, along with Luke, who was still raring to go. "So*puff*, Dernam, what*puff*Pokémon show up here?" "Well, according to my studies, Zubat, Geodude, Paras, Sandshrew, in the lower drier tunnels, Clefairy, but only rarely, and the occasional Onix." "Heh, Onix, I want me one of those." Luke replied. "All in due time, Luke. Chances are you won't find one. Onix are really quite docile....." Dernam was cut of by shrill screaming of some srt coming from inside the cave. As the sound drew closer, individual, could be made out. "Fairycleclefairyfairyclecleclefairy!" Many voices cried in unison. They all stood gaurd as a huge troop of Clefairy charged in a frightened stampede. Dernam drew his new 9mm., Luke made a pair of fists ready, and Splash gaped, obviously not trained for combat. A lone Clefairy began to outrun the herd. As it rushed forward, it yelled "Clefa*crunch*", as a huge Onix bursts down from the cieling and crushs it in it's mighty jaws. The Clefairy freeze, and mill about, as another Onix closes in behind. The cieling-breaker turns to the group and screeches. [Note]: AGAIN, taken from another story, I pelieve Nurip started this. The Onix are currently going on a Clefairy-munching rampage! Dernam draws out Gyarados' ball, Luke Trooper's, and Splash fumbles with Tenta's, showing all the nerve of a kitten in a dog pound. All get ready for the impending fight. Congrats to anyone who caught the title's reference to Lord of the Flies. TBC? Take it away, Splash! Ethan Einhorn