From: Jon Ference <jonf911@aol.comSPAMu2> Subject: [PW!] Cerulean City Challenge Date: Wednesday, September 15, 1999 3:38 AM Kevin, expelled Pokemon Tech student, continued along the sea wall. Looking ahead, he saw a sign. "Cerulean Gym ahead." Kevin ran at a jog now, reaching it in minutes. He stepped inside, and asked where he might earn a badge. Daisy helped him. "Right down that hallway is the Challenge Arena." Kevin nodded his thanks, floating down to the arena. He rang a bell as he entered. "I'd like a Match on Cascade Badge Level, please..." Two sisters, Misty and Lily, were feeding Seel. There was some discussion among them, and a slap, and Lily stood up. "I'd be happy to take your challenge," she replied to him. "My sister would let you win because you remind her of Ash, but I'm not so easy. 2 on 2! Here we go! Goldeen!" Kevin nodded. Even one day of classes had taught him how to efficiently battle. "This is it! I call Tangela!" he countered, throwing it outward. Lily facefaulted. Tangela??! Kevin smiled. "Tangela, absorb." The grass Pokemon robbed the water Goldfish of a great deal of its energy. But yet it still had power to attack. "Goldeen! Horn attack!" Lily called. It launched at Tangela with its horn, but its aim was slightly off, sending the horn through the vines to the other side. "Tangela! Finish it off with another absorb!" "TANNNGGG!" the grass Pokemon finished it off easily. Lily grimaced. "Goldeen, c'mon back. GO! Dewgong!" It was Kevin's turn to facefault. He was in trouble. "Dewgong! Ice beam!" Lily ordered. Tangela attempted to run from the ice, but was recalled by Kevin. "Tangela, don't do that! Here we go!..." He stopped short. What was left, Growlithe and Magikarp? Growlithe might have a chance if Dewgong didn't have a water move, but Kevin bet (correctly) it did. Magikarp? Oh well... "Kevin calls Magikarp!" Lily fell over laughing. The Magikarp couldn't do crap on Dewgong. Misty, too, began to laugh. Kevin gritted his teeth. "Magikarp! Tackle attack!" The Magikarp threw itself into the water, but instead of attacking, floated there. Kevin facefaulted again. "MAGIKARP! Don't be DEAD!" But, as he began to run toward it, Magikarp began to glow. Suddenly, it rose amazingly high and wide. Magikarp was gone...replaced by...Gyarados! "Eep!" Lily emitted. Kevin smiled. Gyarados could haul on this Dewgong. The dragon-like Pokemon continued its tackle attack, hitting Dewgong square on. It was extremely taken aback. "Dewgong! Don't let it take you! Headbutt, now!" Dewgong swam full speed for Gyarados, which simply lowered its head at the Dewgong. Faced with its face, Dewgong's headbutt had almost no power. "Hah! Gyarados, Bite!" Gyarados moved on the attack. Just as Dewgong was about to be hit, Lily recalled it. "Enough! YOU WIN!" Kevin smiled. *** He walked back along the sea wall. He was now officially a real trainer. A badge, even. Perhaps he would even have a chance meeting... -------- Sig v.1.6A Deathclock says I die June 23, 2059. AGNP welcome person ICQ: 32262691 Azure Heights Pokemon Lab! <A HREF=""></A> <A HREF=""></A> <A HREF=""></A> "Lesbianism...matters not. It's the heart."R. Lillis