From: Marco262 <> Subject: [PW!] Checkmate??? Date: Monday, September 20, 1999 7:51 PM Trace and co. finished their supper rather quickly, because Hitmonlee wouldn't let the other two have any dessert. Eyes dried, they stepped out to look for some good times and possibly some aspirin. They soon came upon a casino that had a big neon Lickitung with a pair of dice wrapped in his tongue. Tracer raced Mankey up to the front door. A large burly man stared down at them. "Lemme see your ID." "Okee doke." Trace held out both hands, balled into fists. "Pick one." The guard was a little confused at this, as this didn't happen very often, and a little annoyed, as this didn't happen very often. He poked a hairy finger at Tracer's right hand. Tracer opened it to reveal it was empty. "Nope, guess again." A poke at the left hand. "Wrong again. Wait, what's this?" He smiled triumphantly and retrieved an ID card from behind the man's ear. The bouncer irritably grabbed the ID card away from Tracer, muttering something about retirement. "Alright, you check out. Go ahead." "Thanks Chuckles." The man turned on Tracer to find him gone on a brilliant idea the trainer had just conjured, staying alive. Inside the casino, the two pokémon and their trainer wandered through the dense cigarrette smoke. Mankey sprinted over to a group of machines, standing against the wall. He squeaked in delight, swinging himself up and down on the lever attached to the side. "Cool, what's this thing?" Tracer remarked, yanking on a lever attached the one next to Mankey's. "That's called a slot machine, son. You need money to use it." An old man sitting at a table near the slot machines threw bag of coins at Tracer. "There's enough there for three games at the most. Enjoy!" He chuckled and turned back to his scotch and water. A grin plastered itself on Tracers face. "Alright! Now we can have some real fun!" He dumped all the coins into the machine and pulled the lever. "Wow! All the little pictures are going round, and round, and round, and round! Look! And money comes out!" He quickly shoved his hat under the flow of coins. "Cool, let's play again!" After ten consecutive wins, and a hefty thanks to the old man, (I think he's in Florida now) Tracer strolled through the betting tables, looking for more stuff to do. He had left Mankey at the bar, sucking down marcino cherries. Hitmonlee had found a female Hitmonlee and was buying her a Carbos or two. "Cool! I want to play!" A man sitting at a chess table, looked up at the bright eyed trainer hopping in ecstacy next to him. His eyes widened. "Ummm, do you want to play?" "Yeah! Can I?!!" "Sure. Sit down." "Yay!" "Okay you go first." "Okay!..." "Uh, your move kid." "How do you play?" "What?" "How do you play?" "You mean you don't know how to play chess?" "Nope." "*sigh* Okay here, I'll show you." "Yippee!" The man explained all the rules to Tracer. "You got that?" "Yup." "Okay, let's review. This is a pawn. I'll move it here." "Checkmate." "Huhhhh.....?" "Great game. Thanks!" "......." Tracer skipped away, leaving the man staring at the chess board. He collected his pokémon, and left in search of more fun. (OOC: Wow he learns fast. I'm not sure, but I think he might be yet another byproduct in the Cinnabar experiments. Also, wasn't that guy really patient? I think I'll reward him in my next post.) (More OOC: I need interaction! I crave it!! PLEASE!!!) -- -Marco262, Aspiring Regular ***************** Step 1: Pull head from ass Step 2: Open eyes Step 3: View world ***************** Be nice to your enemies, it drives them nuts. ***************** "It's not the pace of life I mind, it's the abrupt stop at the end." -Hobbes "If we didn't laugh, we couldn't react to a lot of life." -Hobbes "He's a legend in his own mind. Anywhere else he'd be arrested." -Me "The only reason that people use profanity or insults is that they can't come up with even a half-decent arguement otherwise." -Me again ***************** AIM: Marco262