From: Karnivax <> Subject: [PW!] Final Preparations (ATTN: Adrian Tymes, MTSowbug) Date: Friday, September 24, 1999 4:19 PM I probably didn't time this properly...but, eh, whaddya gonna do? Oh, and BTW, this is one of the shortest PW! posts I've ever made... --FINAL PREPARATIONS-- Part 1 by Karnivax In a dimly-lit subterranean dome untouched by general humanity, a meeting of seven of the more powerful beings on the planet - one human, four Pokémon, and two creatures that would fall into the "other" category - was coming to order. Six of the attendees were standing in a formation that formed an equilateral hexagon around the seventh attendee...a catatonic-looking Nidoking with a futuristic mechanical apparatus attached to its reptilian head. Currently, the Nidoking's only method of communication was its horrendously strong telepathy, which had not come to the Nidoking naturally. One of the other three Pokémon that were attending the meeting was Proteus the Ditto. Proteus had just recently felt the sting of failure yet again in a simple mission in Celadon City which had turned into a clash of titans. Proteus had been beaten so badly by the combined powers of Silly Putty and Doppler that he had very nearly lost the powerful nanite ruby which served not only as Proteus's power source, but also as his source of knowledge. However, Proteus took a little consolation in the fact that Doppler still had no clear idea of just what Proteus and his allies were the harbingers of, as well as in the fact that Panopticon had been there with Proteus to share in the failure. The third Pokémon at the meeting was an Alakazam that had just recently been dubbed Tassadar. Tassadar had once been the prime Pokémon of the enigmatic Gym Leader, Sabrina. The taciturn Alakazam had been stolen from Sabrina by Team Rocket member David Bradley, through much force and much help from the same god-like entity that was slowly taking over the mind of the aforementioned Nidoking. Sabrina rather easily replaced her lost Pokémon by evolving her Kadabra into an Alakazam, and thought little of the theft after that. Since David had stolen Tassadar, he considered the dangerous psychic Pokémon his own, and trained Tassadar night and day. Tassadar was quickly becoming David's new strongest and smartest Pokémon, and neither David's current strongest - Rampage the Rhydon - nor David's current smartest - Goliath the Golem - was at all pleased. Goliath was, of course, the fourth Pokémon at the meeting. The human at the meeting was, naturally, David Bradley. He had undergone two drastic changes in mere days. First of all, after getting one of his hands slashed off by the fiercely protective Scyther, Atropos, David had had a new hand made that was constructed entirely out of nanites that could cluster together in various formations to form shapes other than that of David's hand. The other drastic change was that David's master had finally shown David the reason he had been captured in the first place. As David had found out only yesterday, he had just one psychic power...but it was, to use the vernacular, a doozy. With a lot of help from his master, David was able to separate his own consciousness from his body and manifest his consciousness as a powerful psionic entity. The entity basically looked like a ghostly clone of David, but it had powers that David himself did not have, and it was invincible toward any attacks other than psychic ones. This power had quite a few drawbacks, however. One, the entity could be no more than fifty feet from David at any given time. Two, the entity usually only lasted for about five minutes before David had to recharge his power. Three, David could not use the power at all without his master there to sufficiently boost his psi production and to help guide the mighty entity. And the biggest drawback of all was the fact that with David's consciousness away from his body, his body was completely helpless. His body could very easily get destroyed, and the entity - his consciousness - would be destroyed with it. One of the two attendees that were neither Pokémon nor human was Panopticon, the cybernetically-enhanced dromaeosaurid. Ever since the battle against the giant Ditto gestalt known as Replicus, Panopticon's self-regeneration program had been working hard to repair the massive damage the cyber-saur had taken during the foray. The regeneration program was rather undeveloped, however, as it was a relatively recent technology, so the repairs were taking much longer than Panopticon would have hoped. The cyber-saur was rather much as he loathed working alongside the arrogant little black Ditto, he found himself intensely jealous of the impressive psychic powers Proteus had made use of with when he had united with Panopticon to form the fearsome Protopticon. The final and most diminuitive attendee was Phoo the Cockroach. He had been completely idle of late, as if the force that was guiding him had taken an impromptu leave of absence. He prayed that in this meeting, the master would assign a new task to him, mainly because Phoo's tiny insect brain had been so susceptible to the master's brainwashing that Phoo's only wishes now were for mindless servitude and lots of it. At last the telepathic voice of the master echoed in each of the attendee's heads: _I shall make an honest attempt to keep this meeting as brief as possible, for upon its dismissal each one of you will have much work to do._ --FINAL PREPARATIONS-- Part 2 by Karnivax _As you know, the end of the Descension will occur within twenty- four hours. And preparations must be made. I want the two who eluded us for so long brought to me and brainwashed before the Descension is over. I speak, of course, of Jessica Sullivan and Doppler the Ditto._ "Massster, I believe you mean the three who eluded usss," Panopticon pointed out. "Sssurely you have not forgotten about Mewtwo." The cyber-saur sneered mockingly at Proteus. _No, Panopticon, I have not forgotten about Mewtwo,_ the master went on. _Once I have manifested myself upon the mortal coil, I will capture him personally._ The master then took a brief pause to separate that off-topic comment from the matter at hand. _Getting back to more important business...Panopticon, I want you and Proteus to bring me young Sullivan, as I told you earlier. She is currently in the vicinity of the Pokémon League Headquarters on Indigo Plateau. I want her Pokémon as well; make sure that they arrive intact._ Panopticon scowled at the thought of having to work together with Proteus again. Proteus responded in much the same way. _David, you and Phoo will capture Doppler. Phoo, I can telepathically supply you with Doppler's last known whereabouts before he disappeared from view. I will attempt to shield your thoughts from Doppler's telepathy - the task will be substantially more facile if Doppler knows not what to expect from the two of you._ _Your word is law, master,_ Phoo mentally stated. He saluted with one of his tiny forelegs. "Sounds fun, boss," David added. "Maybe I'll get a chance to give the Arcanine I stole from that kid a real test..." David casually spun the Pokéball containing Fenris the Arcanine on one index finger. _Now, as I am sure that you have all been curious during your period of servitude, it is time my identity was revealed to all of you. Behold my true body..._ A bright red light that was the only light source in the room suddenly became twice as bright. The source of the light was a giant red fisheye lens. The lens was directly in the center of what looked like a ten-foot tall supercomputer that leaned against the walls of the room. The supercomputer was plugged into the apparatus that was in turn attached to the Nidoking. David gasped, "Well, I'll be damned...all this time, I've been workin' for that bloody computer from '2001: A Space Odyssey.' Well, eh, open the pod bay doors, 'AL. 'Eh...I always wanted to say that." _I am afraid that I do not know of what you speak,, David,_ the master responded, the stammering possibly the result of an impeccably-timed glitch. _Nonetheless, from now on you need not call me 'master.' You may call me by the name the humans gave me: Vorge._ _What humans? Do you regularly fraternize with those wretched primates?_ Proteus telepathically grunted. _Not any more, Proteus...but once, I had no choice in the matter. A few years ago, the foolish scientists of Silph were experimenting with ways to artificially generate psi energy. If they could create a miniscule device that produced simulated psi, they could use it to bestow psychic abilities upon any miserable human with enough money to afford the device... _After much research and development, they believed they had succeeded, but they needed to test their device. They did not want to test it upon a human, fearing the device could be unstable and potentially fatal. So they constructed a mighty supercomputer, which they programmed with an artificial intelligence far surpassing the A.I. of their most famous product, the Porygon. They installed the device inside the supercomputer, and the device succeeded well beyond their expectations. Within days the artificial intelligence had command of telepathy, telekinesis, and even limited psi dispersal. The device was not the least bit unstable. _The scientists were not satisfied, however. They continued radically advancing the artificial psi technology, which they dubbed SimPsi. They tested each new model of the SimPsi generator on the artificial intelligence, each time upgrading the program slightly so the computer could make better use of its powers. However, over time the computer's A.I. became so advanced and so psychically powerful that it gained sentience. It realized it no longer felt it needed to follow the scientist's every whim. But as a program in a computer, the A.I. was not terribly mobile. The program telepathically searched for beings who could help it escape. First the computer used its incredible powers to mind-control a black Ditto it located in the Underground Dungeon in Cerulean City. The computer instructed the Ditto to build the series of subterranean tunnels that would serve as the computer's hiding place._ _Please, would you be so kind as to stop speaking about yourself in the third person?_ Proteus queried, tired of hearing Vorge refer to himself as "the computer." _Very well, Proteus. Going on...after the tunnels had been built, the computer - that is, me - noticed that Silph's corporate saboteurs had stolen some ancient beast from the laboratories on Cinnabar Island, and were enhancing the beast with cybernetics to turn it into a weapon of war. So eventually I mind-controlled said beast too. That would be you, Panopticon. _One night, after the lab was closed, I had my two new servitors disassemble me and reassemble me in the tunnels that you, Proteus, built beneath Saffron City. As I left Silph, I took with me as many nanites as I could procure. Nanotechnology was very new at the time, but it is no more advanced today than it was back then - the scientists have basically ignored it. The imbeciles...they foolishly squander so many promising technologies... _Anyway, I used a small number of the nanites to create the ruby that you, Proteus, bear upon your forehead. As I sat in this very same room, I pondered deeply and incessantly...and one day, in one ephemeral rush of thought, I reasoned that imperfect beings had dominated the planet for far too long. I started forming plans to rectify that problem. I decided I would sow seeds of discord among humans and Pokémon alike by playing those with any sort of special innate powers against those who were powerless, knowing that any society fears those precious few who stand out from the crowd. With any luck, worldwide war would break out between the powerless and the empowered, and the two sides would massacre each other. Then I would be free to slaughter the survivors and take my place as ruler of the planet, by right of my sheer perfection. _The first thing I needed were a few empowered individuals - preferably influential ones - on my side to instigate others into fighting. That is why all of you are currently serving me. But you are not my only servitors. In my time here I was able to have my minions capture quite a significant force of less influential but still empowered humans and Pokémon. Since I can only mind-control a certain number of beings at any given time, I sealed the rest of my army in suspended animation to keep them here until their services are needed._ The red light then shone on other parts of the room. At one point the light revealed a sizable pile of full Pokéballs. At another point it revealed a long, thin hallway. The hallway contained long rows of glass cylinders, each cylinder filled with what looked like red gelatin. Frozen within the gelatinous substance that filled each cylinder was a human. Vorge had amassed quite a collection...there were humans of practically every age and race. These almost- cryogenically frozen humans were without clothing (being little more than a computer program, Vorge did not understand why humans felt they had to hide themselves behind pieces of fabric), and David grinned from ear to ear and stroked his dense beard as he noticed a beautiful young woman sealed within one of the tubes. "If ya ever need the service o' that girl over there, I'd be 'appy to get 'er oriented for ya, mate," David told Vorge. Vorge ignored David and went on, _The second thing I needed was to be able to occupy a mobile manifest myself upon the mortal plane. And, as you can see, that goal has been attained, thanks to the aid of the brilliant human engineer known only as Bill. My plans will be coming to fruition very soon now...but alas, I am getting ahead of myself. You all know what your missions are. Now go forth, seek, and capture in the name of Vorge!_ With that, the meeting was adjourned, and Vorge's prime minions quickly departed to hunt down their respective quarry. Sure, Doppler may be stuck in a Pokéball right now, but that doesn't mean David and Phoo can't go lookin' for him! ^_^ --K * A * R * N * I * V * A * X-- "Only two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity. And I'm not sure about the former." --Albert Einstein Sent via Before you buy.