From: NinjaMecha <> Subject: Re: [PW!] First comes Marriage... Date: Friday, September 03, 1999 2:30 PM > >"Thow the flowers already!" came a shout form the punch bowl, as the two >FINALLY separated. Natasha, slightly startled, did just that, hurling the >bouquet at the punch bowl like a grenade to flush out who was in there. A >green tendril snaked around the floral projectile. From the punch bowl >emerged >a green Ditto, holding the bouquet like a trophy. > >"Oh, Fami, you really do care! HEY EVERYONE," Silly shouted. "SHE LOVES ME >AFTER ALL!" > >Everyone just stared, and Silly backed under the table and began to remove >petals from the flowers. "She loves me, she loves me not, she loves me, she >loves me not, she..." > Tenchi and Natasha just stared for a second. "Um...a Ditto? Did you..invite him?" They asked each other simoltaniosly. Sarafina jumped out of an asile, and ran over to Silly Putty, meowing playfully. The green Ditto was so infatuated, he didnt notice the small Meowth picking him up in her mouth, and chewing on him. "Weeee! She loves me! It's true! I'm in love!!" He turned into a green Poliwag, turned, and kissed Sarafina square on the cheek. "MEowWTH!" She spit the "Poliwag" out, who laughed happily, and bound out of the chappel in search of his beloved. Brock peeked up from an aslie, and stopped making out with Erika long enough to say "That was very disturbing." TBC [Hope i did a better job with SP this time ^^;] -NinjaMecha What we can expect the 3rd season of DBZ to be called: "Large lizards male genetilla 26th letter of the american alphabet" TF4EVR \>;</ the mask of justice is watching! "POKMANZ R GAY!"-a troll about to feel flaming foon fire