From: Karnivax <> Subject: Re: [PW!] First comes Marriage... Date: Thursday, September 02, 1999 5:37 AM In article <>, (NinjaMecha) wrote: > OOC: ok, been a while i know ^^; Nat promised to write something soon, im just > moving the story along. > > All the guests seemed settled and in place. But one shady person had quickly > walked in, and took a seat in the back. As the Wedding march began, the man > opened a small comunicator. > > "Yes?" > "I have need od you. Come to Celedon city. There is a wedding. Kill the groom." > "Yes sir. Dreadite out." > > Giovanni chuckled to himself. All was in place now... > > As the music played, Natasha walked down the aslie, in a beautiful gown Tenchi > had surprised her with. He smiled, and thought to himself that nothing could go > wrong now. > An innocuous black puddle oozed along the floor of the chapel and entered just after Natasha did. The puddle slithered its way underneath one of the wooden pews on the bride's side, going unnoticed by everyone in the chapel. Once it was entirely out of sight, the puddle reformed into what it had been from the start - Proteus the Ditto. _I've arrived at the wedding, to be sure,_ he telepathically informed his master. _I can sense much psychic potential here...easily more than what the bride could possess by herself. Perhaps I should -_ _No. You will retrieve *only* the bride, as ordered,_ the master responded, reading Proteus's thoughts. _It should take extreme talent for you to fail me this time, Proteus. Now, by your leave, I must sever communications with you for a while. The Descension is currently underway._ _You mean...Panopticon actually did something right?_ _He has done more for me than you have of late, Proteus. I have even considered making him Praetor._ Proteus glowered at the thought that his rank was endangered. _Proteus out,_ he mentally snarled. Then communications ceased. Proteus then spent the next five minutes searching for a nearby Pokémon to turn into. Only a few people had brought Pokémon to the wedding, and none of the Pokémon interested Proteus. Eventually he decided he would go about his mission in his natural form. He crawled from pew to pew until he was underneath the front-row seat, then he simply waited for the right moment to snatch Natasha. To keep himself entertained until then, he stuck one of his long, snaking pseudopods out from underneath the pew and tripped a few of the people who were walking down the aisle. He chuckled softly to himself. Dreadite and Silly Putty are coming to the wedding too? KEEN! ^_^ --K * A * R * N * I * V * A * X-- "Only two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity. And I'm not sure about the former." --Albert Einstein Sent via Share what you know. Learn what you don't.