From: Karnivax <> Subject: Re: [PW!] First comes Marriage... Date: Saturday, September 11, 1999 3:43 PM > Suddenly, noises of combat erupted from the building he was resting > against. Gads jumped up, expecting to see a large number of robed > cultists charging at him, planning to "purge the evils of Hellsprout" > from his soul. What did he EVER do to DESERVE this!?! > > Instead, he saw a black ditto racing by, carrying a woman in a wedding > dress. This totally suprised the dojo trainer, who was staring at shock > at the event. The green ditto racing by just confused him even more. A > little farther down the block, he overheard the green ditto cry out: > > "Stop! In the name of love!" > > A... kidnapping? Of a bride? Oh man... the trouble never ceased. > Gads looked over at Monk-chan, who was busy sleeping. Well, he wasn't > going to be of any help. Since he was asleep, and he wasn't about to > leave the Mankey behind, Gads took a chance and recalled the Mankey to > his pokeball. While Monk-chan HATED being in his pokeball, Gads > couldn't leave him here. And he had to do SOMETHING about the > kidnapping. After all, it was his duty as a martial artist and Dojo > Member. > > Gads rolled up his sleeves and ran towards the battling duo, ignoring > his tired muscles, clutching Dow's pokeball and preparing to battle > using even himself if it came down to it. He didn't have any time to > waste! > > And hopefully, none of the Rockets in the area would recognze the > Dojo trainer who had taken that Drowzee from them... > (OOC: It took Kyle's entire team just to stop Proteus the first time...I don't think a Drowzee is gonna do it. ^_^) Proteus sidestepped Silly Putty's attempt to slide-tackle him, and in the distance he saw a human coming his way. _Bah...the imbeciles are legion!_ Proteus snorted. _I have precious little time to waste on these annoyances..._ Proteus frantically probed the vicinity for any Pokémon - any at all - that would have been faster than his natural form. There were none nearby. Beads of gelationous sweat ran down Proteus's face as he noticed that the human was gaining on him at an alarming rate, and Silly Putty had already resumed the chase. _Argh...I may have to battle these weaklings!_ Proteus groaned. And suddenly, off in the distance, another Pokémon joined in the pursuit of Proteus. Proteus perked up as he finally was able to detect a Pokémon to assimilate the form of. "Charmander!" the slightly punch-drunk Natasha cried. "You've come to rescue me!" Indeed, the new pursuer was a flame-tailed reptile. Proteus instantly absorbed the Charmander's genetic code and turned into a green and purple Charmander. Proteus's running speed doubled, but still it was not enough to escape. All at once, Silly Putty punched Proteus with one pseudopod, Gads kicked Proteus in the back, and Charmander torched Proteus with its Ember attack. Proteus stumbled to the ground and dropped Natasha. A furious Proteus stood up once again, facing and analyzing the three who would dare challenge him. _A foolhardy Pokémon trainer with a Mankey and a Drowzee, an ambiguously inebriated green Ditto, and a dimwitted feral Charmander._ Proteus started subtly collecting psi energy and preparing to unleash his mighty artificial Psybeam attack. _Hmmm...perhaps battling these three will not be as difficult as I initially surmised..._ I can't imagine how Proteus could possibly screw up at this point... --K * A * R * N * I * V * A * X-- "Only two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity. And I'm not sure about the former." --Albert Einstein Sent via Share what you know. Learn what you don't.