From: Adrian Tymes <> Subject: Re: [PW!] First comes Marriage... Date: Saturday, September 11, 1999 10:23 PM This was, arguably, the worst day of Doppler's recent life. To say that it had gone from bad to worse was an understatement; he had been attacked - and actually *hurt* - by, in order: lack of sleep, Mewtwo, an artillery shell, and some Rockets trying to claim him as a prize. Weary and tired, but with rage clouding his mind just enough to keep him from returning to base and resting, he stormed the streets he found himself in. Enough sanity remained that he looked for a monumental prank to pull rather than people to kill...but, deep in his soul, he just wanted to dump on *someone* else. Anyone. Teleporting from city to city - for that was where humans gathered, and humans were so much more promising as targets - he eventually stumbled on a fight in progress... wrote: > The pack of heroic pokemon (and one trainer) scrambled off in various > directions, and just in time. The Ditto-gone-Charmander fired off an > ENORMOUS beam of artifical psychic energy. #Hmm...many against one, and the one appears to be winning. #...wait. That red the one worn by the Ditto who told Mewtwo I sent him. Could they be allies?# Inside Doppler's mind, mental catches relaxed. It was an excuse for anger, and he knew it. But by the time he realized it, Doppler was too far gone to care... > "DIZZY PUNCH!" Gads lashed out with his verison of the fighting > Pokemon attack. Proteus, unable to avoid in time, was sent flying > towards Silly, who was still recovering from getting nicked by the > Psybeam. Proteus, besides looking a little woozy, didn't seemed to be > effected that much by the blow. In fact, it was chuckling. Gads > gulped. Thing were going from bad to worse... > > 'I can't HURT the damn thing! Grrr... If only I could get a > moment... Monk-chan OR Vinal might be of some use if I could get a free > moment to release them and use a Super Potion to regen their stamina...' > Gads snapped his attention back on the approaching Ditto, and prepared > to attack again. Things were not going well at all. Suddenly, electronic music filled the air. It took a few seconds for those present to recognize the tune: "Wipeout", traditionally a water pokemon trainer's melody. Sure enough, a light rain began to fall. Within seconds, a Wartortle riding a street-wide wave of water rounded the corner, bearing straight down on the battle, carrying a boom box that seemed to be the music's source. It came from behind Proteus, bearing straight down on the pseudo-Charmander... ...who let out a quick burst of flame, vaporising the wave. The rain stopped. The music cut out, replaced by an electronic voice, not unlike that produced by a low-end voice scrambler. "Think you can handle water? Let's see you fry *this*!" Before Proteus could attack again, a laser- like beam of water shot out of the Wartortle towards Proteus... ...who simply stepped aside, letting the beam hit the hotel behind him... ...which was as Doppler intended. The building, weakened by a few earlier stray blows, collapsed on Proteus. Now, to fully appreciate what happened next, one must realize what the residents of that building were thinking. For years, it had been common wisdom that, when stronger pokemon battle in the streets, it is best to stay indoors. Pokemon battle each other; they tend not to rip up the environment in the process. With a wall between oneself and the fight, one is safe, secure, and even entertained a little. Pokemon League spokesperson after spokesperson had declared the safety of this procedure, in order to let aspiring trainers battle almost anywhere they wanted to. A few of the hotel's current residents had doubted this, but largely kept their mouths shut under peer pressure. The thought of finally being able to say, "I told you so," was of little comfort in their final moments. However, their thoughts were echoed by many in the area who were destined to live a bit longer, mainly because they immediately initiated a stampede away from the fight. Proteus, however, merely dug his way through the rubble...only to be clocked by flying stones hurled by that same Wartortle (now minus stereo). Gads and company managed not to be hit by the building...except for Silly Putty, who did not reappear as fast as Proteus. But then, he had been underneath his foe when then wall came tumbling down. TBC?