From: Karnivax <> Subject: Re: [PW!] First comes Marriage... Date: Sunday, September 12, 1999 5:30 AM > Proteus, however, merely dug his way through the rubble...only to be > clocked by flying stones hurled by that same Wartortle (now minus > stereo). > > Gads and company managed not to be hit by the building...except for > Silly Putty, who did not reappear as fast as Proteus. But then, he had > been underneath his foe when then wall came tumbling down. > "Where are these fools coming from?" Proteus snarled as he emerged from the rubble, only to receive a mighty pseudopod slap from Silly Putty, who was hidden just beneath him. Proteus grabbed hold of Silly's appendage before it could recoil and then swung Silly like a hammer, smacking Gads across the face. Then Proteus threw Silly Putty at the offending Wartortle, only to miss completely. While Proteus's guard was down, Natasha's Charmander hit him with a Slash attack that knocked him over. "Bah...this form isn't strong enough!" Proteus boomed. He locked on to the Wartortle and made an attempt to copy its form. But for some reason he only turned back into a Ditto. "What?! Does that mean...another Ditto?!" Proteus quickly probed the Wartortle's mind, but was unable to draw many conclusions. Proteus found that most of the Wartortle's thoughts were inaccessible, well-shielded from the black Ditto's artificial telepathy. Noticing that one-by-one people were joining in the fight against him, Proteus figured that eventually the fight was no longer going to go his way. He sent out a telepathic cry for help to Panopticon. _Panopticon, this is Praetor Proteus. As your commanding officer, I order you to come to Celadon City *immediately*._ Hidden in his master's inner sanctum deep beneath Saffron City, Panopticon turned on his comlink and scoffed at Proteus's command, "Could it be? The great Praetor Proteusss ssseeksss help from 'the massster'sss loyal terrier?' Well, perhapsss I do not want to aid you. Perhapsss I feel that you ssshould become even more familiar with the agony of defeat." _You will follow my command now, *Templar*!!!_ Proteus mentally bellowed. _And if you value your miserable excuse for an existence, you will not contradict me again!_ "Oh, calm yourssself...I would never dream of ssstaying here and letting you sssweat, Your Eminence," Panopticon caustically responded, grinning a reptilian grin. "The massster isss currently able to teleport usss from headquartersss...but not to headquartersss..." Doppler heard the whole conversation. And it struck him as rather odd that Mewtwo would have Praetors and Templars. Though he could not read it from Proteus's mind, Doppler started to catch on that Proteus was a representative of another force entirely. Proteus dodged a series of water blasts from the Wartortle and waited impatiently for Panopticon to show up. After turning into a Charmander again, Proteus knocked out the real Charmander with a mighty Slash attack to the muzzle. Natasha crawled over to where her Charmander lay and tried to revive him. At roughly the time that the Wartortle landed a Water Gun attack on Proteus and nearly crippled him, Panopticon materialized on the battleground in a flash of purple light. Silly Putty was more than a little shaken by the impromptu appearance of a giant cyborg dinosaur in the middle of the street. Half of him considered retreat, the other half favored heroism. Heroism ultimately won out, however, as Silly reasoned, _If I stop these monsters, Famifax will love me for sure!_ Gads backed off slightly and withdrew his Pokémon, not knowing what course of action to take against a beast that, by all logic, should have been extinct. Doppler took one look the cyber-saur and chortled a bit when he realized that Panopticon had no psychic powers at all. In the ensuing confusion that could have only happened as the result of the appearance of a half-mechanical Velociraptor, Proteus crawled over to Panopticon and returned to his natural form. Then Proteus melted down into what looked like a puddle of silver. The puddle latched on to Panopticon's feet, then started spreading, quickly starting to cover Panopticon's whole body. "Proteusss...what are you doing?!" Panopticon hissed. Proteus's voice rang in Panopticon's head: _I'm temporarily combining my own skills with yours. And improving your worn-out, tired old armor._ "And how are you doing that? I thought Ditto could only assssimilate exisssting ssshapesss..." _Come now. Forming simple shapes and textures comes instinctually to *all* Ditto._ By that time, the metallic puddle that was Proteus had covered Panopticon's entire person, and slowly the puddle began to recede from Panopticon's breathing passages and start forming into solid shapes, namely, heavy pieces of armor. Panopticon's talons and wrist-blades nearly doubled in length. His vulnerable command module became protected by a heavy metal carapace. The steel dorsal crest that ran along his back and tail became three parallel rows of razor-sharp blades. He developed a large drill-like horn on his muzzle. And the red jewel that Proteus always bore upon his forehead was now upon Panopticon's forehead. _So, the black Ditto has fused himself with that reptilian monstrosity,_ Doppler noted, as he sensed the psychic power of the strange amalgam rising to absurd, but not even close to Mewtwo-absurd, levels. _An admittedly interesting should be even more interesting to see if said tactic will actually work._ Proteus and Panopticon's minds, now in the same body, struggled for a bit to decide who was going to be in control. Proteus won out by right of his superior rank and the fact that he was the only one who knew how to use the synthetic psychic powers that were now at Panopticon's disposal. So Panopticon's mind went into dormancy, and it was Proteus's voice that spoke from the armored amalgam. "Consider yourselves lucky," he said to all of his opponents. "You will be the first to witness my new power! And you will never forget the time or place where you witnessed it, either, for this very place is about to become your burial ground!" The fusion subtly cleared his throat, then boomed, "I am...PROTOPTICON!!!" Viewing the Wartortle as his most severe threat, Protopticon charged up almost effortlessly and blew the rather surprised Wartortle all the way to the end of the city block with a single Psybeam. Silly Putty slowly started to back away. "I just remembered...I left a cake in the oven..." I've been wanting to pull off this Protopticon trick for a looooong time... ^_^ --K * A * R * N * I * V * A * X-- "Only two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity. And I'm not sure about the former." --Albert Einstein Sent via Share what you know. Learn what you don't.