From: <> Subject: Re: [PW!] First comes Marriage... Date: Sunday, September 12, 1999 11:06 AM > Proteus and Panopticon's minds, now in the same body, struggled > for a bit to decide who was going to be in control. Proteus won out by > right of his superior rank and the fact that he was the only one who > knew how to use the synthetic psychic powers that were now at > Panopticon's disposal. So Panopticon's mind went into dormancy, and it > was Proteus's voice that spoke from the armored amalgam. "Consider > yourselves lucky," he said to all of his opponents. "You will be the > first to witness my new power! And you will never forget the time or > place where you witnessed it, either, for this very place is about to > become your burial ground!" The fusion subtly cleared his throat, then > boomed, "I am...PROTOPTICON!!!" Viewing the Wartortle as his most > severe threat, Protopticon charged up almost effortlessly and blew the > rather surprised Wartortle all the way to the end of the city block > with a single Psybeam. > > Silly Putty slowly started to back away. "I just remembered...I > left a cake in the oven..." > Gads watched as the Wartortle went flying away. DAMN IT! With that Charmander out of action, that left him with just the green ditto against THIS! No, wait... the green ditto was making preperations to flee at the first chance, that left him. *GULP!* He could feel the headache building. Thankfully, Protopticon's attention was on that self-same Ditto. Gads's didn't have a choice. If ANY of them were going to survive this, he was going to need to get every single one of his Pokemon out and healed. Gads reached into his pocket and pulled out four pokeballs, throwing them out. A sleeping Monk-chan, a still-hurting Dow, a tired Vinal, and a shaking Ringer appeared. Gads rummaged for his super potions, and pulled out three. The sprayed the Drowzee first. After a moment, it stopped rithing in pain and looked at it's trainer. "Drowzee?" "No... things have gotten far worse..." Gads pointed over the the hulking monstrocity that was currently trying to obliterate Silly. Somehow, the green ditto managed to stay intact even this long, but he was going to need help. Dow nearly freaked, then noticed the large number of adefenders out of comission. All that was left was his trainer and that green ditto. Gads handed the two super-potion bottles to the Drowzee. "Spray down Monk-chan and Vinal. I've got to use my only Full Heal on Ringer. And hurry. I don't know how long that ditto can survive this onslaught." While the drowzee sprayed it's comerades, while Gads rummaged for a moment, then pulled out another bottle. Spraying it on the Bellsprout, it rithed back to like, and even had a cheery look on it's face. "Bellsprout!" "Uh... Ringer... we're in trouble." "Bell?" The bellsprout looked at the direction Gads was. Protopopticon had finally taken notice of the recovering duo. Silly was still intact, but hurt. Gads felt his pocket. One Super Potion left.. if he could reach the ditto, he could heal it up. Quickly, Gads looked behind him. Monk-chan and Vinal were back up, and Dow was filling them in on the situation. "Drowzee! DRO!" "Mankey..." Gads sighed. "No, Monk-chan, we're NOT doomed... I hope. I have an idea. First, I'm going to tag it with a Dizzy Punch to that gem. After I hit it, I want you, Ringer, and Dow, use your sleep attacks. Hopefully, it can't resist Dizzy Punch, Hypnosis, and Sleep Powder at the same time. It should at least make it woozey. Then, Vinal, Monk-chan, I want you two to get the damn thing off it's feet so we can use our mobiliy advantage to the fullest. Pull it's leg out from under it, BREAK it if you have to! After that, hit it with your best, but make sure not to get tagged by any Psy attacks. Dow got clobbered. and he's a Psycic Pokemon. Also, keep an eye on that red gem... I think that's going to be important for us. If it glows, I think it's about to release some heavy Psi power. Make sure to scatter when it does glow. If any of you get the chance, remove or break it!" "Mankey!" "DRO!" "TAN GEL A!" "Bell..." The five steeled up, ready to re-inact a Pokemon version of Custard's Last Stand. Hopefully, they would be playing the role of the indians. From your friendly, neighborhood LORDLOCKE Sent via Share what you know. Learn what you don't.