From: <> Subject: Re: [PW!] First comes Marriage... Date: Sunday, September 12, 1999 6:39 PM > Silly hauled his former master, Doppler, out of the battleground. "If they can > to it, so can we!" "Very well," agreed Doppler. > > A few seconds later, a very large ditto oozed onto the the battlefield. > "You're not the ONLY one who can do that trick!" laughed Doppler and Silly > Putty's voices in unison. "Now, prepare to face the vengeance... Of REPLICUS!" Back on the battlefield... Gads was in trouble, and he knew it. With all his Pokemon down, and the only one in anywhere near fighting condition was Monk-chan, and he was still busy fighting the effects of paralysis. Gads took a couple steps back to prepare for another all-out assault on that gem. He had been right... it WAS the monster's weakness. However, a moment was all Protopticon needed to build up it's barrage. The hybrid suddenly let many, MANY psybeams fly. Gads, panicked, started to try and dodge them, and partially susceeded. The first half of the barrage "harmlessly" crashed into buidlings, the ground, or soared up into the sky. Gads started to smile. His martial-arts training was paying off. All power, no accuracy. However, the second half of the attack started to find it's mark. First, one clipped his leg, sending him to the ground. As Gads fell, narrowly missing a good number of Psybeams, he began to roll, so he wouldn't be lying in one place. Unfortunately, he rolled into a nearby wall. Crouching, Gads knew the last portion of the attack wouldn't be avoidable. Well, it had been a nice life. He crossed his arms and closed his eyes in a last-ditch effort to reduce the damage. At this time, a portion of Gads's mind that he had sealed away, with his anger and hatred against it, went into auto-piolt. Without Gads making any attempts to interfere and stop it, like he usually did, it could finally be free again. Six years of psychic buildup unleashed itself in forming a barrier in front of Gads in a mighty effort of self-preservation. While not being a terribly-strong barrier, each individual Psybeam of the barrage wasn't strong enough to even damage it. As the attack ended, Protopticon smiled. "Well, let that be an example of what happens to the fools who dare to stand in my way. No one can challenge the might of... WHAT!" Protopticon just stared in shock as the smoke cleared. While banged up, Gads was still very intact. Gads was equally baffeled. Shouldn't he be dead, or at least in some very serious pain? He stood up. While his leg hurt from the psybeam it took, and his head was feeling very fuzzy, he was still very much alive. He took the confusion of the moment to attack Protopticon again. "MEGA PUNCH!" The mighty blow to the forehead still didn't jar the gem loose, but it did send Protopticon roaring in fury. It slashed the trainer, sending him away a short distance. Gads stood back up, feeling the cuts on his side. Not too severe, but it would impede his movement. If that monster unleashed another Machine Psybeam, he wouldn't be able to avoid enough to survive. Gads, suprisingly, smirked. 'Heh. At least I damaged the damn thing. My efforts were not in vain.' Protopticon was now very much enraged. He had destroyed beings far tougher than the Martial-artist/Pokemon Trainer. Yet this gnat had not only survived one of it's mightiest attacks, he had managed to SUSCESSFULLY fight back against him. Now the gem was hanging on by almost nothing. Hell, fast MOVEMENT might jar it loose. That was severely screwing with his psychic abilities. He was no longer amused at the trainer, actually seeing him for the first time as a serious threat. "INSECT! WHY WON'T YOU DIE! HOW CAN ANYONE MANAGE TO SURVIVE THE MIGHT OF PROTOPTICON! YOU HAVE DEFIED FATE FOR THE LAST TIME, FOOL! NOW, DIE LIKE THE INSECT THAT YOU ARE!" "You're not the ONLY one who can do that trick!" Gads, seeing what was standing behind Protopticon, smirked. The dino-hybrid turned around. Behind it was a very, very LARGE ditto. "Now, prepare to face the vengeance... Of REPLICUS!" Gads breathed a sigh of relief. It looks like he'd get to live for another day after all. The fatigue and weariness of the fight, combined with the last two days, finally caught up with Gads, who had an overwhelming urge to sit down and rest while the two hybrids fought. He didn't fight it. He recalled all his pokemon, and sat down, hoping that he'd done enough for the large ditto to be able to win. From your friendly, neighborhood LORDLOCKE Sent via Share what you know. Learn what you don't.