From: Yosh <yosh1121@aol.combustible> Subject: Re: [PW!] First comes marriage... Date: Sunday, September 12, 1999 7:31 PM "Sandshrew! Sandshrew!" Oz called amongst the running, and screaming crowd. Great, he had lost Sandshrew again! Many people were pushing and shoving towards the exit in blind panic, and he had to put a lot of concentration on actually staying in one place, without losing his feet out from under him. He didn't even know really why everybody was all upset. Oz sighed and started shoving his way against the flow of people, wondering why this felt like the mosh pit at Pokéstock all over again. NinjaMecha wrote: <snip!> >Time seemed to stand still and Natasha watched in horror as Tenchi was pierced >in the gut by the rockets weapon. His grappling hook has missed, and struck >a >wall instead. > >Pulling his weapon out, and kicking the weakend Tenchi down on the ground, >Dreadite smiled. "You were good boy...but not good enough...for Dreadite. >And >so the battle ends! He rose the Katana directly above Tenchis heart, and >thrust >it downward. <snip snip!> Jose L. Solano wrote: > Trent rolled out from under the table, a gun in each hand. He fired several >times at Dreadite. Unfortunately, Trent was the worst at aiming and only >managed to hit Dreadite's left arm and wing... > >"Oh shit..." > >TBC Dreadite quickly put one foot on Tenchi's face to keep him still, katana still poised, waiting, over his heart, and whipped his head around, his dark blue eyes immediately alighting on Trent. Dreadite smiled fiendishly as he prepared a small amount of energy. Just a little bit would be enough to rid himself of the nuisance. Trent brought his gun back up, and fired off another shot, which managed to whizz by Dreadite's head, not missing by entirely that much. But unfortunately for Trent, was still a miss, no matter how close. Trent opened his mouth as if to say something, but was interrupted by Oz calling out from the crowd, "Kitty-chan! GO!" The Pokéball was tossed out of the rapidly depleting crowd, and out zapped a mass of red energy, which became a small Meowth. Kitty-chan took a quick take of her environment, and immediately noticed Tenchi. Tenchi, who had been her trainer, until that day at the Pokémon Auction. She didn't wait for any orders. Seeing Dreadite over the battered Tenchi, Kitty-chan knew what to do. "Meeeooowth!!" She roared as she barreled towards Dreadite, gearing up for Fury Swipes. Oz finally appeared out of the crowd, and barely managed to comprehend fully all that was going on, before realizing that he had definitely gotten himself in too deep. He and Trent spoke at the exact same time. "Oh SHIT!" TBC Yosh ---------- Note: Beware the rabid Yosh. (Nyaa! >=P)