From: Black Hole <> Subject: Re: [PW!] First comes Marriage... Date: Thursday, September 02, 1999 2:22 PM NinjaMecha wrote: > > OOC: ok, been a while i know ^^; Nat promised to write something soon, im just > moving the story along. > > All the guests seemed settled and in place. But one shady person had quickly > walked in, and took a seat in the back. As the Wedding march began, the man > opened a small comunicator. > > "Yes?" > "I have need od you. Come to Celedon city. There is a wedding. Kill the groom." > "Yes sir. Dreadite out." > > Giovanni chuckled to himself. All was in place now... > > As the music played, Natasha walked down the aslie, in a beautiful gown Tenchi > had surprised her with. He smiled, and thought to himself that nothing could go > wrong now. but that's what he thought, of course anyone with the daughter of Giovanni is gonna have trouble, and that's what BH was to do... or maybe be a slacker and just hang out, he hadn't decided what to do, but still he was there. Luckily no one notice that a 7 foot tall android walked into the room, we all know it would be much trouble if he were noticed. BH quickly hid amongst the people in the back trying not to blow his cover. TBC. (I hope you people don't mind, I got tired of waiting for Icy to beat the Elite Four ^^;;)