From: NinjaMecha <> Subject: Re: [PW!] First comes marriage... Date: Wednesday, September 15, 1999 8:34 PM > >"Go back to the call of the wild, or whatever you Sandshrews do in your wild >and obscure rituals. My entire life has been crap. Crap! I've done nothing of >good, and almost gotten you and others killed. And then I go and break my >promise to Charmy, I go and lose him at the Pokéstock..." Oz paused shortly >to >cough, but then picked up where he left of instantly. > >"Just leave me here, Sandshrew. It's for better good. I'm ready. I'm ready to >go. Just leave." > >"S-" > >"I said LEAVE ME! As your trainer, Sandshrew, as your trainer, your owner, >your >friend... even as a brother....... just leave.…" > >Despite Oz's incessant urgings, Sandshrew hesitated. He couldn't.... > > Tenchi groaned as he came to. Flames were all around. Pulling himself up, he winced in pain as he felt the glass shrapnal in his leg. His vision blurred, he picked up 2 pokeballs,and recalled his pokemon in, as well as picking up 3 of Trents pokeballs. A small Sandshrew could be made off a few feet away, and Tenchi managed to recall it to a pokeball after some blind groping on the floor. Dragging himself outside, he could make out the form of Natasha, clothes shredded, and Charizard besider her, roaring. "...Char.......zard? Whats...whats going on?" Charizard roared something in despair, pointing to Natasha. -cough- Shes fine, -cough- i'm sure. Tenchi clutched his chest in pain as he felt a lung colapse. "Zaaaaard." "What do you mean "No pulse?" Tenchi took her right arm, and felt her wrist. Nothing. Tears stung his eyes, mixing with the dark, billowing smoke, causing his to squeeze them shut. " can't die now...not now..." A pain stabbed his heart, and his eyes rolled up, and he sucombed to a heart attack as a news van aprotched. TBC [no there not dead..yet ^^;] -NinjaMecha Why don't you check out my website? TF4EVR \>;</ the mask of justice is watching!