From: Jose L. Solano <jsolano199@aol.comlink> Subject: Re: [PW!] First comes marriage... Date: Saturday, September 18, 1999 10:03 AM Sandslash suddenly found himself inside the Pokeball of some complete stranger. What was going on? Meanwhile, in the hole in the ground, the remainder of Trent's Pokemon were out, wondering what to do now. "-Well, that mean guy's dead. Sandslash is missing too, so I'm guessing he's also dead.-" said Lickitung. "-I'm glad he's dead. I dont wanna end up like Beedrill...-" said Charizard. "-I dont know about you guys, but I'm glad Sandslash is dead too. He was an asshole to us.-" said Venusaur. "-He was nice to me. I hope he's still alive.-" said Jolteon. "-Duh...Exeggutor not know what happen?-" blurbed Exeggutor. "-Our master is dead, and so is Sandslash.-" replied Venusaur. "-Master? Sandslash? Exeggutor confused-" blurbed Exeggutor. "-Hey wait a second-" yelled Jolteon. "-Where'd Magmar, Fearow and Raticate go-" Jolteon looked through Trent's trenchcoat. A few weapons, a candy bar and a Dr. Pepper, but no more Pokeballs. "-Maybe they die too.-" said Golbat in his usual apathetic tone. "-Well, we can't let them die!-" yelled Jolteon. They all climbed out of the hole. By now it was night. "-Well, we're free. We're all free. I dont know about you guys, but I'm getting out of here.-" said Venusaur, as she walked off. "-Hey, wait for me!-" yelled Charizard, flying after her. "-No! You two get back here!-" yelled Jolteon. "-Exeggutor not know what happen. Exeggutor go sleep now.-" "-Go ahead. Alright you guys, I'm going to count to 3, and if you don't get back here, I'll thunderbolt you! 1...2..." Venusaur and Charizard came back. "-That's better. Goltbat, get them back in their Pokeballs.-" Golbat grabbed 2 Pokeballs and flew over to them. Holding them in his feet, he sucked both Pokemon inside. He set the Pokeballs down. "-Ok, every back in your Pokeballs!-" "-Do we have to?-" asked Magikarp. "-Yes, now get inside.-" After a few minutes everyone was inside, except for Jolteon and Golbat. Jolteon carried Trent's trenchcoat in his mouth as Golbat carried him off. "-So, where are we going?-" "-Well, we might as well find somewhere to hide out in the wild until we find the others. Head for that forest over there.-" Jose Luis Solano --------------------------------------- Offical Member of the AFSH Stupid Brigade --------------------------------------- "Chuba? Ni chuba na?" -Sebulba