From: Adrian Tymes <> Subject: Re: [PW!][NC] First comes Marriage... Date: Thursday, September 02, 1999 7:17 PM NinjaMecha wrote: > "I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride." > > Tenchi lifted the veil off Natashas face, and kissed her sqaure on the lips. > > TBC > [Now...wheres our toasters? ^_^] All of a sudden, slats of floor between Tenchi and Natasha dropped down, plunging each of them into their own narrow pit. Before anyone knew what was happening, electric coils along the sides of the pit heated up, glowing orange-red in under a second. Tne newlyweds quickly fainted from the heat, but metal cages kept them from directly contacting the hot coils. People scrambled above to get them out, but before any solution could be puzzled out, the floor sprang back into place, popping their charred bodies back into plain view. [No offense. You just left yourselves *wide* open for that one... ^_^]