From: Jon Ference <jonf911@aol.comSPAMu2> Subject: Re: [PW!] Forging out a future Date: Thursday, September 16, 1999 3:36 AM >>"Giovanni? Would you like me to take care of them?" the 20 year old female >>asked. >> >>He nodded. "Chris and Patricia. They have two Pokemon." >> >>Taking the two into her arms, Kate smiled. They would grow up well. > >***7 years Later*** > >Kate Rocket, now almost 30 and rapidly losing ability to steal well, was >called >into Giovanni's office. > >"Kate, you've given us 20 great years of service. Tonight, I want you do >something special. Your last mission. With the kids along." > >Kate smiled. Finally, retirement. She could relax for once after all these >years. > >Giovanni detailed the mission. > >"This should be extremely easy for you. The Safari Zone is transporting >a >bunch of wild Pokemon to the Zone. Their truck should be at this intersection >at 10 tonight." > >Kate nodded again. She'd done worse. > >"And, teach the kids the ropes one last time. How are they doing, anyway?" > >Kate replied. "They'll both do well. They seem to be extremely smart. >Possibly even begin Rocketing at 10." > >Giovanni nodded. "Very well. Go to it." > >Kate stepped back out, and was greeted by Chris and Patricia. > >"Guys, guess what? We're going out on a mission tonight!" > >Chris and Patricia jumped for joy. All these years, and they were finally >going to get some action! > >Kate detailed what would happen. > >*SCENE CHANGE: 9 PM* > >The three slipped out of the DETBfSSP. They deliberately walked through >the >woods, arriving at their destination at 9:45 PM. > >Kate handed each 5 Pokeballs. "Throw these on my mark." > >They crouched in waiting for about 12 minutes. Suddenly, headlights flashed, >and a truck rumbled into view. > >The cab came even with them. Kate sprang into action, whipping a smoke >pellet >through the open window. The truck stopped hard, the driver smashing against >the horn, unconscious. Kate motioned to the twins. > >"That was easy enough..." > >The three moved to the back of the truck, working to open it. Kate had >just >unlocked it, when a door slammed. As she continued to work on opening the >door, Chris pulled at her leg. "Kate? Someone's coming...." > >Kate ignored the little boy, sending the doors open. Chris and Patricia >jumped >to the side to avoid the Pokemon coming out, and Kate backed up toward her >side. Chris and Patricia stood back up, walking to the edge. > >Kate smiled at them. "See, no pro..." > >Her speech was cut off by the driver's gunshot ripping through her throat. > The >man staggered around the back, fainting in Kate's blood before he could >take >out the last two. > >Chris and Patricia poked Kate for a while. When she didn't move, Patricia >motioned to Chris. > >"Rocket rule number one: get the job done." > >Chris nodded solemnly, picking a Pokeball from his side and whipping it >into >the truck. Patricia did the same. They each caught one Pokemon, but scattered >as a Jenny's motorcycle could faintly be heard. > >They slipped back through the woods...another mother gone. When they returned to the DETBfSSP, they received an odd welcome. Giovanni himself was waiting outside. He was surprised to see the two trekking back alone. As soon as they were inside, they were questioned. "What went wrong, kids?" Patricia was scared to answer, but Chris was not. "Kate didn't listen when we told her the driver was awake. He shot her, clean dead. But we stole two Pokemon." Giovanni nodded. It had been Kate's last mission anyway, so they were really none the worse. But stealing two Pokemon? After they had seen a death right in front of them? Whoa. "You two did excellently. Here, let's see what these two Pokemon are." Giovanni took the two Pokeballs and threw them. Out came... a Kangashkan and a Chansey. Giovanni couldn't believe his eyes. Two rare Safari Pokemon! These kids had potential. Giovanni knelt down to speak to them. "You two really did well. Here, I want you two to remember that these two Pokemon are here for you guys in an emergency. Just call me and they're yours to use." The praise left Chris and Patricia beaming. *** Kevin picked up a uniform from the floor. Sizing it up, he put it on. Nice fit. His sister, already amazingly slim and attractive, slipped on hers. "Well, that done, we have our motto... I think that's it." Patricia said. Chris smiled. "Want to try the motto?" Patricia nodded. They lined up back to back. Chris started. "From Cinnabar to Cerulean..." Patricia: "From Pika to Chu..." Chris: "We take your Pokemon..." Patricia: "Away from you!" They giggled. -------- Sig v.1.7A Deathclock says I die June 23, 2059. AGNP welcome person ICQ: 32262691 Azure Heights Pokemon Lab! Poke-zine "Lesbianism...matters not. It's the heart."R. Lillis